The last four games I have played I decieded to change my style. I was attempting to learn different styles then the on I already play. This was so I could learn the different aspects of the game and players who choose the styles I tried. Needless to say, I didn;t do very well.

I took some hard hits in those games and found my self losing more often. This change of style was not a very well played out experiment. So, now that I have tried I believe I will just stick to my original playing style. Most of the ones whom have played me know I play hands which support the odds needed to win a hand. It is why I decieded to try different styles.

At the tables I have noticed that while I am on the blinds I recieve very few raises before me. Not sure why this is, but it was something I noticed. The blinds are a dangerous position to raise against. Cheaper to call and last to act. I love the blinds.

I also noticed that when I raise I recieve fewer callers then I did when I first started playing this game. Thank goodness for that. It is quite an experience when called by hands which I would only play from the blinds.

These are just observations. I use the information depending on the players I face at the tables. Lately I have been up against some very good card players. Some I can read while others give me a false read. Well played hands by these players have taken me to a new level of poker. I call this level "OOOOPPPS"
because that is what I say when I see there hand has taken my chips. LOL!

Okay. I have tried different styles and they did not seem to work for me. I guess I will have to try and make them work for me one day. Just not today.

Good Luck to all and have fun at the tables. Peace!