Yesterday while playing a hand I believe my calling on the river upset a player and caused them to call me a wanker. LOL. Sorry, that word is funny.

I limped in with a 55 from early position. This is not a hand I normally play from an early seat. No one raised and the flop gave me a set. One problem with the flop was the big bad spades. All three cards were spades.

The other player bet 200 on a 250 pot. At first I was going to fold, but I called to see if I might hit a fullhouse and trap the flush. Turn came and no fullhouse for me. The player bet 300 on a 650 pot. I started to get suspicious about why the player was betting if they had the flush. So I called.

I put the player on AQ giving them a pair of Q's against my set. I even thought they might have two pair. I just could not believe the player had a flush. The betting was very strange for a person holding such a hand from the flop. I myself play each hand different, but when you got it, you should play it for all the chips when that river hits.

The player bet 400 on a 1250 pot when the river was revealed. I used my time bank to review in my mind the plays made since pre flop to river. No raise pre flop, a steady bet to the river. I had a feeling their hand was not what they wanted me to believe it was.

I called and sure enough their hand was worse then I gave them credit for.  K8 off suit. The player did not even have a pair. Just K high. I won the hand and was called a Wanker for calling. LOL. The word is still funny. Just listen to it. Wanker, Wanker, Wanker, LMAO!!!!!!!

Here is some advice for bluffing. Learn to do it before you do. I do not bluff. I only tell a story which I would like the player to know and they believe whatever they wish. This players story was told, well, not very well. If a player calls me on flop, and turn while I hold the nutz. I will go all in on the river. I figure if you are brave enough to call a bet twice then you may think before calling an all in or I win a lot of chips.

My strategy for this game gave me a clue into a false story the player was trying to tell. I have been told some stories by players who know some very good tales. I learned from them how to tell a story and read a story while at the tables. I still make choices which send me to the rail, but not as often as I used too.

Anyways, I am a Wanker now as well. LOL. I'm sorry. Every time I see or here that word I just start laughing. I know it is meant as an insult. To me though, it is just a word which I find funny.

Good luck all. If you want to get a good laugh. Call me a wanker at the tables. LOL!!!!

I never play a hand the same way. But I sure do laugh at that word the same way.