I have been given advice by some players about checking on a players rank when facing them at the table. I find this to be advice well shared and thank you to the ones whom shared it. The rank gives an insight into a player and their abilities while at the table. However, I feel this rank check also creates the idea that when a low ranked player goes all in, that they are playing weak cards. I have found rank does not tell a story of what hands they play, just that they don't play them well.

During the first three rounds of blinds I fold almost every hand. I do not sit out, I just fold. Once and awhile I get a hand which presents a chance to double up. If that hand comes during those three rounds I look at who bet in front of me and how many are behind me before I make a choice. I use the three rounds to gather information on the players and watch every hand they play.

I use this information wisely for it still does not mean my hand will win. The infrormation I gather during the first three rounds is this; How many hands has the player played since the game started? What type of cards did the player play? When calling all ins, did the player have a hand or just play bingo? What way does the player bet pre-flop, flop, turn, and river?

All of those questions race through my mind before I choose a starting hand. I have folded some very nice starting hands because of players with a loose style. It has saved me from hitting the rail very early in the game. Not all the time. I still have been hit hard early on during the first three rounds. It is why I choose to gather information before playing.

The tournament yesterday where I finished 900 or so was due to a player who played 99 vs. my QQ. The flop was a 9 and garbage. The player bet 300 on a 500 or so pot. I was blind to the fact he might have a set. Just wasn't asking my normal questions. I thought about his bet then made a mistake. Instead of just calling and seeing the next card. I raised almost all in. Ooops! I should have payed attention to the bet. I almost folded, but I felt they had A9 and was trying to keep any more cards from being seen.

Well that is it for today. Good luck to all and have fun. Peace!