I have been writing and not paying attention to paragraphs. I apologize for this. After reviewing my blogs I realized they are a little hard to read when not paragraphed. All the words seem to blur together. So, by request I shall remember to use paragraphs.

Yesterday while playing I became the victim of a K10 off sandwich. I had KJ off, DB had K10 and BB had K10. The flop brought a K. Being short stacked I decieded to raise all in after the flop and a bet before me. On the turn I ended up with a J. My two pair looked good. Needed a 10 to hit the straight. Having 9K8J showing on board. The river killed my hand. Out of all cards to come, it happened to be a Q. Giving them the straight.

In another game I rasied QQ from SB with DB and BB still in. BB folded, but DB called with a J9 off. I hit my set on the flop. Then watched the two cards the other player needed come on the turn and river giving them the straight. I just shrugged it off and called it a day.

Getting hit by those hands and losing all my chips gave me a clue. Told me to quit for the day. LOL! So, I took the advice of the cards and drank some beer before going to bed. Slept pretty darn well. Almost like a baby.

Today is a new day. This blog has paragraphs. LOL I hope this makes reading my blogs more enjoyable, now the words are not blurred together.

Dropped to 79th today. See, I said in my last blog I did not know how long I would be in the top 50. Lost 7 points yesterday. I will have to try and make final today so I can get those points back by finishing in 9th or better. Will post agian tomorrow with the results.

Good luck all. Play some cards and have fun. Cards are like life. Enjoy it while you can. Peace!