I made it to the top fifty of the leaderboard. It feels great, but it is not my goal. A leaderboard using the points does not get me to final table. I have hit a spot in the game I seem to be stuck at. That point is the fact I have not made final yet. I see my rank in the standings, but final table is where I want to be. The actuall placement on the leaderboard has no effect except giving me a little happiness. Making final would mean I have learned enough to get there often and not once and awihle. To any out there which look at my rank on the leaderboard and use it to judge me on the way I play poker. Please know this: I do not play for points, I play for final. So no matter what you may believe based on my standings, I am just like you. Trying to reach final and turn a game I love into a Job which supports my family is why I play. You may have your own reasons which are different then mine. However, all that play dream of winning more then losing. When you play against me I would like you to know what type of player I am. I have shared it before, but I will share it again. I love the game. That is what type of player I am. I do not know how long I will be in the top 50, just finished 417 out of 1100 or so players, but I am going to enjoy this accomplishment forever. No matter if I drop or go up in rank, I will enjoy knowing I was there with the players I respect. I respect all, but the ones up there respect the game like I. Good luck all and always have fun at the tables. No one is there to take the fun if you do not allow them too.