I have been to final table twice since joining PSO. The funny thing about that is I made final twice in one day. Back to back games. Finished 2nd then 4th. Not trying to brag. Just trying to remember what I did during those games which helped me get to final table. I want to get there more often then not. this goal is one heck of a challenge. I have the ability to make it, but for some reason I seem to get caught up in the amount of the blinds and allow it to tighten my hand selection tighter then it already is. I believe I may try to loosen up a little with my hands when called for, but not all the time. lately I have found myself only playing 8 - 12 % of my hands during my time at the table. I wonder if I should maybe try and bump it up to 15-18%. This would give me a few more hands to play with which I normally would not play. I am going to try this and see where it takes me. If it takes me to final then I know what to do next time. If it takes me to where I have been going then I will try something else. I have found poker to be a game which has many players and none of us play the same. We all are equal at the table, but we all have our own way of playing. I play for the challenge and love of the game. I just have to find my place in the story at the tables, then I will be able to continue my journey to final. With respect! Good luck at the tables. May your dreams come true. My dream is slowly becoming a reality. Take care! Peace.