This month has started out different then last. I just checked on my rank. I was very surprised to see where I am cuurrently at. It made me see that I have been playing my game the best I can. Making the choice to fold or play is not as hard for me to make anymore. Just like yesterday when holding KQ suited. The flop revealed an A and K. I had a pair, but the other player reraised my bet. Usually I would have called and seen another card. I made the choice to fold based on the fact he never raised during the whole time at the table unless having a hand. I have been laying down AK and high pocket pairs. The funny thing is I have noticed my laydowns which I used to play every time, have been choices well made. These choices have given me the time needed to observe the table, and learn when I should fold or play. I sit at a table during the first 3 rounds and hardly ever play a hand. I do this for many reasons. One reason is so I can observe how the players on the table react to bets. What type of hand they play against those bets. If they re-raised all in with a strong hand or weak hand. After that I start to find my place in the story of poker. My observation is what I believe helps me with the choices I make. Do not misunderstand. I have made choices at the table which have lost me a lot of my stack or sent me to the rail. Just not as many as I used too. If I lose a large chunk of my stack, I try my best to rebuild it. If I get sent to the rail, I try my best the next game. I used to get angry and frusrated with the hands and players which were sending me to the rail all  the time. Now I just remember. I made the choice to call. I may not know what is in their hand, but the story told before the choice is made can tell me what to do. I have found this to work very well for me at the tables. I judge no ones hand to be better or worse then mine. I just watch as the story unfolds. I hope this doesn't convince players they should lie with their bets. A couple tried that on me yesterday and well....... They were sent to the rail. The truth is in the story all the time. The lie or bluff is there as well. Just have to pay attention. There are some out there I Have played which do a very good job at telling the story with control. Keeping the truth hidden but never telling a lie by bluffing or overbetting. They just sit back and control the stroy while the other player tries to tell their own. This game is more fun then a house full of cheerleaders from Ohio State University. Okay maybe not as much fun, but close. A very close second. Anyways, Good luck all and find Peace while at the tables. Peace is a belief. Believe in it and it becomes real, do not believe in it and it stays hidden until belief is stronger then doubt.