A player during the 5:30 tourney today left the game just outside the money. After he was out, he told the other players to tell me I suck. I love sitting out , but never taking my eyes off the screen. Just sit out and watch. I had only been on the table for 9 hands. Played 0 hands during the 9 hands. I am not sure why the player said what they said. Just curious why. The word means nothing to me. However, the word did get me to thinking. I play this wonderful game for a reason, I love it. I do not believe I am the best or better then any at the tables I meet or have the pleasure of playing. I just play cards. To me this game is more in the mind, then what you believe after your eyes see the flop. I play any and all my hands with choices I make during any given game. There is a very big story told at a table. I try my best to watch the story and choose when to jump into the story with a hand. Now a new story begins called pre-flop. Then the flop creates another story. Then the turn yet brings another different story, then the nasty river shows it's ugly head with another story. All these combined stories create the final story, the showdown. I used to play the cards in front of me without watching the rest of the story. I learned the hard way. Great teachers though. If the player who said this too me reads this. No harm done. You have the right to believe anything. Freewill rocks. However I have learned what belief can do in this game. With respect I say to all including the one who said this. " Find Peace. Peace is a belief as well. Good luck with all of your dreams. And, Lets play some poker. "