The poker gods continue to try and impress upon me that a great starting hand does not always finish well.

Problem- when you bring it in for 4x BB, you get a caller- you miss the flop and they bet minium - try the check raise and they move all in- you have 1/2 your stack left- you have 2 overs to the board- Call and your on the rail!

Of course when it is reversed and your the guy who hits the flop- "THEY" always hit their draw.

Good starters; AK, AQ, KQ,AJ- if they miss fold to a bet!

Great Starters; AA, KK, QQ, JJ, 10/10-   I recently flopped a set of Kings, turned quads and got rivered by a str8 flush!

The number one  tool to getting better has to be reading the board- put your oppentant on a hand and play that- do not just focus on your two cards!

And to all those ATC folks- keep playing the leader board does not lie at the end of the month! 8)