Poker has many formats, the most popular being No Limit Hold’em. As a new player learning the game, we need to find out which poker game is best for you.

The Basics

Learn the basics of Texas Hold’em before you start practicing at the PokerStars tables.

Bankroll Management

Managing a bankroll carefully is a vital skill for a successful player to learn, no matter what level you play the game at.

How to Play Poker Video Course

PokerStars presents an 11-minute quickfire introduction to the world’s favourite card game.

Cash Games Course

The following series of articles is all about no limit Texas Hold’em cash games, one of the most popular and potentially profitable variants of poker.

Multi Table Tournaments Course

Learn all about Multi Table Tournaments (MTT) with this poker course.

Live Tournament Course

Learn all about Live Tournaments with this poker course.

Sunday Million Course

Learn how to prepare and win the Sunday Million with this course.

Single Table Tourneys

Learn all about Single Table Tournaments with this poker course.

Spin & Go Course

Spin & Go’s are very popular 3-player tournaments on PokerStars. In this course you’ll find all the strategy tips & advice needed to crush these games.

Zoom Poker Course

Learn all about Zoom Poker with this poker course.

Heads Up Poker Course

In this new video series James from OP Poker teaches you how to crush heads up games.

Poker Pitfalls Course

Learn all about Poker Pitfalls with this poker course

Odds and Probablities Course

Understand all about Odds and Probabilities with this poker course.

Concepts & Theory Course

Learn all about poker concepts and theories.

Poker Mindset Course

Learn all about Poker Mindset and how it works.

Fixed Limit Hold’em Course

This module will teach you the basics you need to know about developing the Fixed Limit Hold’em game, which is a safe yet challenging starting point for beginners.

Omaha Course

An introduction to Omaha, from here you’ll learn the rules, differences of playing with four cards, starting hands and some basic strategy.

Limit Omaha Hi-Lo Course

Learn all about Limit Omaha Hi-Lo

Stud Poker Course

Understand the basic principles of Stud Poker with this course.

Mixed Game Course

Learn all about Mixed Games with this poker course

Poker Basics Video Course

Our tutorial videos are specifically designed to help people with no experience quickly understand the basics of Poker.