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Winning Turbos on PokerStars
In this Winners Wall story we chat with Pete 'Peder01' Ogier from London city in the United Kingdom who boosted his bankroll by winning not one, but two, 180-man turbos on the same day. Anyone that regularly plays these games will tell you that they are not an easy game to win. Let's hear from Pete who tells us a little about his background, how he got into the game, and what his plans are for the future.

PokerStars School: When did you first discover poker and begin playing the game?
Peder01: In high school back in 2002 I played a couple of hands of Texas Hold'em with a friend but didn't think much of it at the time. But when I was 18 my brother showed me online poker for the first time and ever since I've been hooked.

PokerStars School: How often would you play each week and what's your favourite format?
Peder01: Initially, I played around 20 hours a week and started by playing sit and go's. I started by playing 5 dollar sit and go's and gradually moved up to playing 50 dollar ones. After about a year of sit and go's I started playing mtts online. Eventually, I ventured into a casino and begun to play the 1/2 cash games which I enjoyed thoroughly and maybe played in these games 40 or 50 hours a week, this was the format I enjoyed the most but also enjoy returning to play MTTs on PokerStars. I also enjoy playing cash Omaha. But as I never really used a hood I always found the cash games online quite difficult so mainly stuck to playing cash live and MTTs online.

PokerStars School: Do you study the game much? Which do you prefer, reading articles or watching videos?
Peder01: I try to keep as much in the loop as possible by watching training videos and series such as high stakes poker and the big game. I also read a few books like Doyle Brunson's Super System, Harrington on Poker, David Slansky's Theory of Poker, Colin Moshman's sit and go book, also the Kill Phil book and Kill Everyone book by Lee Nelson and another author who I can't remember, it also had commentary from Elky. I probably prefer watching videos like the big game but have learnt a great deal by reading the books which have been written by authors I trust.

PokerStars School: Who is your favourite Pro poker player and why?
Peder01: I like a lot of them to be honest but when I was young and possibly now it would have to be Daniel Negreanu this is because of high stakes poker really when he bought in for a million and he at the time was also the biggest winner in tournaments and I've always been a glory supporter.

PokerStars School: How do you consider yourself in poker? Amateur, semi-pro, pro?
Peder01: Over the years I've done well playing poker especially in the 1/2 live game and there was probably 4 years of playing where poker was my sole income but it is nice to have something else to go with it so I guess I would say I'm a semi-pro.

PokerStars School: You won two 180-Man turbos on the same day. Tell us a little about that. Were the games tough? Did you win much?
Peder01: I love the 180 mans there are for sure some good players in the field but so long as you play your best and keep focused you don't have to get too lucky it's not like the large field MTTs where you probably, in reality, need a minor miracle to win which of course you balance that out by playing hundreds if not thousands of them to get the glory. With the 180 mans you can have that day which you win 2 of them like I did and it feels pretty good it wasn't major money something like 250 to 300 dollars but you can achieve this without playing very many of them.

PokerStars School: Do you follow a strategy when you play poker? Sort of like a checklist while you play?
Peder01: I have my own preflop ranges which I use for low blind levels which I'm pretty confident with. I like to randomize my hand selection sometimes for example playing say 87 suited about half the time from earlier positions so it's not too easy to raise me as if I was always playing it and it still connects to boards nicely. I did some work with shoving charts and feel this isn't a static system and will shove some spots lighter than others.

PokerStars School: When did you join PokerStars School and has it helped your game?
Peder01: I think about a year or maybe 2 years ago it is always nice to watch people put out content if you think you already know it its always good to have a refresher and there is always a little gem of information waiting for you that you haven't thought of yourself. Also if you don't entirely agree with something it is important to know that this is what some people are thinking and now you have a new way of exploiting them.

PokerStars School: What tips or advice would you recommend to beginners?
Peder01: I guess to say there is a long way to go. You are going to have to study and get experience before you can really start to win. One thing that caught my eye from Dan Harrington's book was when you're deciding if to call with QQ and you expect they hold AA KK of AK, remember there are a lot more combinations of AK than there are of both AA and KK together. A dealer also told me Sam Trickett says always check-raise the turn.
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