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Weekly Roundup 2nd April 2012
Weekly Roundup 2nd April 2012 by royalraise85 
Skill Leagues
With over $44,000 in prizes, the skill leagues continue to brighten-up the Spring months. March's Premier Skill League found 'AriSoze' from Great Britian in top spot for the $5000 prize. In the Open Skill League we have 'Maniema' coming in first for a nice $1500 prize. You too can get in on the Action every Month!
PSO Community Home Game Monthly Prizes
We invite each member to join our new PSO Community Home Game and compete against each other for Monthly Leaderboard prizes. Details on how to join the Home Game can be found HERE. Daily games are scheduled and you can also leave feedback in the Discussion Thread.

Live Training
Each week you can participate in our Live Training sessions. These interactive sessions are both fun and informative and a great tool for improving your game. Check out all of the upcoming training sessions in our Training Calendar.
Here are some selected sessions to look forward to:

Take The Time To Learn - by 'Taiman Al'
He banged his head, he blamed the Poker Gods, but now this member has a different approach to the game. Have a look to see how he's learned to make fewer mistakes in his blog.
$2K Guaranteed - by 'momfight'
This member is on a bankroll building mission and is looking to improve by opening up her game to fellow PSO members and asking them to tear it apart. Share your thoughts and views in this blog.
50th Place Micro Millions Leaderboard - by 'gmanwicksy'
In this blog a PSO member talks about his first grind in a full PokerStars promotion series. Have a look at his results and find out what he thinks helped him improve his game.
Hand Discussions
There are many ways to discuss hands in the forum. Check out this Tournament Hand Discussion submitted by new member 'ulric1551' for example.  What would you do?
Have our Hand Evaluators answer your questions in our Hand Analysis Forums.

Official PokerStars VIP Thread
We are delighted to welome Dylan 'PSVIPRep' to the Forum. Dylan is happy to answer any PokerStars related questions you may have and has begun by offering a fun guessing competition with prizes to our members. You can get to know Dylan here in his thread.
Poker Education
The Poker Education section is a wonderful place to gain great insights into the game. This week new member 'animosama' asks whether Zoom tables or 6-max games would be more profitable in the long run. Have a look and leave your thoughts and opinions.
The Official PSO Full Ring Vs. 6-max Challenge
The challenge has now been completed and we eagerly await to see if it's the fiesty FullRing team or the mighty 6-maxers that will emerge victorious. You can find out all the details of this great challenge plus many others in the Challenges & Battleground section of the Forum.

With so much going on in our daily lives it can be hard to remember everything that's going on and you might miss valuable poker education like the live trainings offered. 
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ZOOM has arrived! The eagerly awaited PokerStars ZOOM feature is now in the client. Check out the official discussion thread about this new feature on PokerStars in our Forum

The provisional schedule for the 2012 Spring Championship of Online Poker has just been released. However, PokerStars would like to hear your opinion on the schedule before it gets set in stone. Find out how you can leave your feedback to the PokerStars team here in the Forum.