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Weekly Roundup 20th August 2012
Weekly Roundup 20th August 2012 by royalraise85 
PokerStars School Knockout Festival
The PokerStars School
Knockout Festivals are a weekly Bounty event for the community. For every player that you knock out of the tournament you will win a bounty. All that is required for your participation is the PokerStars School Member Ticket. Everyone can get the member ticket by successfully completing the Core Quiz.

If you have previously successfully passed the Core Quiz, you should already have a ticket in your PokerStars account. You can find the tournament in the PokerStars client under Tournaments > Private.

PokerStars School 'Power Play' Weekly
Do you think that just because it's a play money tournament that the competition is going to be soft?

If the answer is yes then you might find that you are very much mistaken. PokerStars School challenges you to take on our members in this weekly tournament. You'll find that the skill level is a lot higher than you think. Check out all the details

Live Training

Here's a little teaser of just some of the great Live Training sessions we have in store for you this week. Remember that all our live training sessions are Live & Interactive and are available to you FREE courtesy of PokerStars & PokerStars School.
There was been some excellent blogs posted by our members this week, great job guys and keep them coming. Here is just a taste of what's on offer. Check out the
Blog Section to see what other great blogs have been posted by our members this week!

BOOM: Real Money Here I Come - by 'Norkomazzera
'Ok so after yesterdays frustration I finally bounced and FT'd a Bankroll Mob $25 freeroll for 3rd place.Was quite sickening though when 3 handed and all in with AQ twice only to get sucked out by A7 and A10  which cost me 1st place'....... read more

Weak Results - by 'TarekGG'
'I havent preformed well lately in the Premier Skill League, and to be honest I dont think I'll be able to stay there. I've been extremly lucky and extremly unlucky lately so it's impossible to play this game at the moment'........ read more

Think! - by 'Dany BoyNZ'
'Hi guys i just thought id make this quick post to point out the importance of thinking through what you are trying to represent or what your opponent is trying to represent and how much sense it makes'....... read more
Hand Discussions
All PSO members are encouraged to post those troublesome hands for review by our hand analysers. Here's an example of one posted by PSO member 'hellsgate10' where he's down to the last six in a STT and a win is quite possible. He's in a hand holding Ace, Nine off-suit on the button and a fold looks like the right play....., or is it? Have a look an offer him some advice.!

Poker Education
Ever wondered how to use the PokerStars School Hand Replayer? Follow this link Here for step by step instructions and get posting those hands for review in the Forum!
With so much going on in our daily lives it can be hard to remember everything that's going on and you might miss valuable poker education like the live trainings offered. 
Why not follow us @Pokerschool101 on 
Twitter to receive live training reminders in advance of their start time? 
Please follow our live trainers as well for interesting updates. @TheLangolier @ahar010 @xflixx @ChewMe1PSO @GarethChantler
Prefer Facebook? Become a fan of our 
PSO fan page for regular updates!

YouTube-Channel provides you with short clips of our videos on PSO to get you appetite going! Follow us and don't miss a training video or video blog from our star blogger Joe Stapleton.

Road To 100 Billion - The Next Milestone Hand is Near!
PokerStars is on the Road To 100 Billion! and we're celebrating every 5 billionth hand dealt with a milestone hand promotion. The next stop on the way is hand 85 Billion which is set to be dealt very soon!

There's up to $1,000,000 in cash to play for, and to be in with a chance of being a winner, simply play PokerStars cash game tables and be dealt into a millionth hand from 84,700,000,000 to 85,000,000,000 (e.g. 84,902,000,000). If you're successful, you'll receive a cash prize that could be worth thousands of dollars. If you're good enough to win the big eighty five billionth hand, you will receive at least $20,000!

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