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Weekly Roundup 11th June 2012
Weekly Roundup 11th June 2012 by royalraise85 
Skill Leagues
Turn up the heat this Summer with the PokerStars School Skill Leagues offering you a chance to win a share of over $44,000 in monthly prizes! You can take part in the Open League or qualify to contest the Premier League and battle your way up the leaderboard. You'll find these daily  tournaments in the PokerStars lobby under the Tournament > Private tabs. 

PokerStars School 'Series of Poker' Promotion
Can't make it to Vegas?...... Don't worry! The team here at PokerStars School are putting the finishing touches to our upcoming 'Series of Poker' promotion. Exclusively for PSO members this will offer you great value for your money. An announcement will be made in the Forum next week with all the details so stayed tuned!!!
'Where Have You Done It' - Social Media Competition
To celebrate the recent launch of PokerStars Mobile and to promote our Facebook and Twitter pages we are running a fun little competition during the Month of June. All you have to do to win some MTT Tickets is post up a photo of you playing PokerStars Mobile in the Forum to be in with a chance of winning, it just couldn't be easier! Check out the Forum for full details.

Live Training

We have some excellent news for you regarding this Sunday's Live Training sessions. This coming Sunday, June 17th, you can get coached by not one, but TWO PokerStars Pro's who will be joining us here at PokerStars School. 

In the first session Tyler 'frosty012' Frost will offer you some solid advice on Cash Game play and this will be followed by a special guest appearance by Adrienne 'talonchick' Rowsome who will be offering her advice on MTT action. Don't miss out on this wonderful oppurtunity to get coached by a PokerStars Pro, right here at PokerStars School!!!


Here are some other selected sessions to look forward to this week:

There was been some excellent blogs  posted by our members this week, great job guys and keep them coming. Here is just a taste of what's on offer. Check out the Blog Section to see what other great blogs have been posted by our members this week!

Taking Down The Women's $5.50 - by Joy7108
'The last day of the month, and the last chance to improve my standing in the Women's Poker League ($5.50 div.).   The last scheduled tourney is the one I usually play (8:00pm CT), and the top ten before the game were as follows'.......... Read More Here 

Latest Happenings - by 'havocofsmeg'
'Well first off, my plan to play in the MicroMillions has pretty much gone belly up. After drawing up an initial list of events that i could afford to buy into i decided to finalise my list of events'............ Read More Here

Lie To Me - by 'Punky159'
'Not too long ago I was reading some posts about micro expressions and the way people use them in poker.  People were posting back and forth about all the great reads they were going to get after watching the T.V. Show Lie to Me'..... Read More Here

Hand Discussions
All PSO members are encouraged to post those troublesome hands for review by our hand analysers. Here's an example of one posted by PSO member 'Croyd93' where he is looking for some advice on a 6-Max cash game hand he was playing while holding Pocket Queens against a loose/aggressive type player. Have a look an offer him some advice.!

Poker Education
Ever wondered how to use the PokerschoolOnline Hand Replayer? Follow this link Here for step by step instructions and get posting those hands for review in the Forum!
With so much going on in our daily lives it can be hard to remember everything that's going on and you might miss valuable poker education like the live trainings offered. 
Why not follow us @Pokerschool101 on Twitter to receive live training reminders in advance of their start time? 
Please follow our live trainers as well for interesting updates. @TheLangolier @ahar010 @xflixx
Prefer Facebook? Become a fan of our PSO fan page for regular updates!

Our YouTube-Channel provides you with short clips of our videos on PSO to get you appetite going! Follow us and don't miss a training video or video blog from our star blogger Joe Stapleton.

The eagerly awaited Half Price Sunday is just around the corner on June 17th. Buy into some of the best weekly tournaments on offer for just 50% of the usual asking price. The prizes will be big so don't miss out on this wonderful oppurtunity. Check out the Forum for all the details! 

Check out the PokerStars client for details of the new weekly Sunday Spark tournament which begins this Sunday, June 17th. This 3 x Turbo offers $25,000 Gtd. in prize money and is going to be huge. Don't miss out!