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Weekly Roundup 09th July 2012

Weekly Roundup 09th July 2012 by royalraise85 
MicroMillions II Warm Up
It's back! The low buy-in promotion that guareentees huge prizes! And we here at PokerStars School are helping you get warmed up for the events with two very special live training sessions and a super satellite so that you can book your seat into the Main Event. Check out all the details HERE

PokerStars School 'Series of Poker' Promotion
This week will see the PokerStars School 'Series of Poker' 2012 tournaments draw to a close but don't despair, there is still plenty of time for you to win your very own 'virtual' bracelet. Plus the battle for those MTT tickets is really hotting up with members competeing against each other for those valuable leader board points, You can read all about it in the Forum

'Series of Poker' Blog Competition
Are you bloging about your exploits in the PokerStars School 'Series of Poker' tournaments? If the anwser is yes then you could be in line for some extra MTT tickets that are on offer for the winners of our Social Media blog competiton. You can find all the details of how to enter right here in the Forum


Live Training

Every week you can avail of our interactive Live Training session where you can get our poker related questions answered in real time by one of our trainers. Here are some selected sessions to look forward to this week:

This we we take a look at some of the great blogs that were written about this years PokerStars School 'Series of Poker' events. Remember that if you have written a blog about the 'Series' you could win some MTT tickets this month by entering our social media Blog Competiton!

What a Blast! - by 'effsea'
'Yes I have said it before....but will say it again.....What a Blast!!!!!!!!!!! A couple of things it has done for me......hiccup......
For my poker heart back'...... read more HERE

Series of Poker - by 'gatehouse999'
'Two bracelets a third and a final table so far. I have ran fairly well but as with most players had some horror beats. Also bubbled one'........ read more HERE

PSO Series of Poker - by 'Stakehorse75'
'Well we're 2/3 of the way in to the series, and all I can say is very well done to PSO for coming up with  this series for us, I can honestly say this is some of the best poker I've seen in PSO'......... read more HERE

Liking This Series - by 'Chilli 2 U'
'I havent written anything on here for a lonnnnnnnnnnnnng time, but this PSO Series of Poker has been so much fun so far. The games are terrific'....... read more

Series of Poker - by 'GiMac'
'Well got an email saying this was happening and thought I would give it a go, then forgot all about it. Happened to be cleaning my account settings and noticed a flash ad again. So went and sat/passed the Core Quiz and voila, tournament ticket for the series received'....... read more

Hand Discussions
One of the best ways to improve your poker game is to post a troublesome hand for review in our hand analyisis sections in the Forum. Our experienced hand analysers will respond to your questions and offer some helpful tips and advice. Here's one for example from PSO member 'Atowns89' where he's holding Pocket Queens in a NLHE cash game. The River card comes a scary looking Ace. What should he do? Have a look and offer your opinions. 

Poker Education
Ever wondered how to use the PokerschoolOnline Hand Replayer? Follow this link Here for step by step instructions and get posting those hands for review in the Forum!
With so much going on in our daily lives it can be hard to remember everything that's going on and you might miss valuable poker education like the live trainings offered. 
Why not follow us @Pokerschool101 on Twitter to receive live training reminders in advance of their start time? 
Please follow our live trainers as well for interesting updates. @TheLangolier @ahar010 @xflixx
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Our YouTube-Channel provides you with short clips of our videos on PSO to get you appetite going! Follow us and don't miss a training video or video blog from our star blogger Joe Stapleton.

MIcroMillions II
It's Back! The low buy-in tournament that offers you huge cash prizes!!! The MicroMillions returns as PokerStars offers you the second installment of this extremely popular promotion. You can check out all the details and full schedule right HERE

MicroMillions II - Free Ticket with PokerStars Deposit
Want to play for a $150,000 first prize without spending a cent? There's now a way to do it on PokerStars, and we're here to tell you how. Check out all the details of this deposit promotion HERE

PokerStars Women
Welcome to PokerStars Women, your one-stop shop for everything  PokerStars has to offer female poker players. Find out all the details right Here