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VPP Levels in the PokerSchool
For members that might otherwise be overwhelmed by our huge archive of poker education materials and training tools, PokerStars School has developed an easy system to identify the content that is appropriate for each level of poker experience.  This will ensure that you are not spending valuable time in training sessions, watching videos or reading articles that are too advanced for your current level.
We will often guide you to the proper materials by categorizing content or restricting access to advanced tools by VPP level.

VPP Level - How it works

You earn VIP Player Points (VPP) by playing in PokerStars games which have a rake or fee. You can find more information about how to earn VPP on the PokerStars website.

Each month your VPP earnings determine your VPP level. Once you earn the required amount of VPP for a certain level and our data is updated (up to 48 hours), you will unlock the content in that level for the remainder of the current month and the following month.

VPP Level Chart

VPP Level # of VPP Description
0 - 19 open for all members
20 - 149 more than 20 VPP (also eligible for increased awards in the Skill League.)
150 - 499 more than 150 VPP
SilverStar 500 - 2499 more than 500 VPP
GoldStar 2500 or more more than 2500 VPP

Forum, trainings and education content is matched specifically for your needs at your corresponding VPP level. Enjoy browsing all courses.