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UK Player 'jdnell' wins the Master League
There was a lot of chatter in the poker forum when we announced that The League tournaments & leaderboards would be going local for 2019. The idea was quite simple and based on player feedback we received through surveys and feedback left on the forums. Instead of having one Global league for all language poker schools we would now have a new local leaderboard exclusively for players from each school. This way more players have a chance to win a leaderboard. For this poker school it's even better as we have two leaderboards now, one just for Canada as it's such as a big region and we've lots of players from there, and another one for the Rest of The World, so here at this school we'll have two main Master winners each month, and also two Initiation winners. Yes, there's pros & cons to every new system, and it's hard to create a league that will keep everyone happy, but for the most part, the new system is being well received and we've been happy with the feedback we've been getting so far.

One player that's very happy is 'Jdnell' who has the honour of becoming the first ever winner of the new Master EN League. Let's find out a little more about him and what this win means to him...

My name is John Nellist and I'm 26-years-old. I come from a town called South Sheilds in the north-east of England. At home, we used to play poker together as a family. My Dad had a big interest in the game and I remember when we used to watch big poker games together on the T.V. That's when I saw Daniel Negreanu for the first time and 'kidpoker' became my poker idol, I learned a lot by watching him play. When I started to play online at the beginning it was just for play money chips. A good friend of mine (and long-time school member) 'lighthouse 88' reccomended I join PokerStars last year so I could test myself against better quality players to help me improve. I have found that playing in The League here at PokerStars School has helped me do just that. I tried really hard to hold on to top spot n January and it eventually paid off as I took down the T$500 prize.

The Master League tournaments can be tough. My game plan and tactics were different for each tournament depending on the table dynamics. In the league tournaments, you see a lot of different players with varying levels of skill and playing styles so you need to adapt all the time. The new format of The League has given me a lot to look forward to every week and I really enjoy playing these games. My best result of the month was the 1st place finish on January 18th. With the leaderboard winnings I'm going to be brave and enter the Sunday Million tournament, it's something that's been on my list for a while but I've never had the bankroll to do it. Wish me luck in that one! I'm looking forward to it as my favourite game is deep-stacked MTT's.

John topped 935 other players to become Master EN Champion for January.

The poker school here has really helped me in many ways. I supposed the most important way is that it has given me the opportunity to play a lot of poker for a very small investment (a Master tourney is only $0.25c) and the games are good. Plus there's all the free strategy content as well as the tips and advice in the forums. My advice to new players just starting off is to take advantage of all that this school has to offer and study a lot, and watch as much poker on TV and on Twitch as you can. now bring on the February league!
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Player 'Jdnell' has been credited with T$25 as a token of thanks for sharing his story. Would you like to share your story? See here for more details.

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