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Tips from Team PokerStars Pro GodlikeRoy

          Need More VPPS? Try Adding a Table!             

Looking for a way to increase the amount of VPPs you can earn in a week? My suggestion is to add an additional table during your sessions. If you normally play one table, give two a go. If you're okay with two, give three a shot. Once you get the hang of it you'll find that it's very easy, and you'll significantly increase the amount of VPPs you earn per hour!

Here are some things to keep in mind when you are multi-tabling:

First and foremost - remain calm.. It's easy to feel flustered if it's your turn to act on two tables at once. My advice is to look at which decision is easier and quickly act on that hand. Then you can spend as much time as you need on your other, tougher decision.

Keep your tables side by side on your screen. If you hide one table behind another then you will be missing valuable information whenever your opponents act. By keeping your tables visible at all times you can stay on top of the action. You'll also have an idea of when it will be your turn to act and can prepare for it by thinking about what your next action might be.

  Utilize the advance action boxes available on the tables to make your simple decisions ahead of time. If you have a trashy hand which you know you will be folding pre-flop, select the "fold" box and move your attention to another table.
Using these boxes is the key to successfully adding more and more tables. Once you master the art of making basic decisions quickly and in advance you'll be surprised at how easily you're able to play two or three or even more tables at once.
Finally, remember to take it slow. Don't jump from one tabling to four tabling right away. Add one table at a time until you are comfortable, then you can add another, and another, until you reach your desired target. 

Good luck this week, and may your missions be successful!



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