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This Week's Videos 24/08/12
Here is an overview of all the videos we have published this week. Enough to fill your weekend with hours of poker education!

Under 20 VPPs    20 to 149 VPPs   150 VPPs and more

Session Videos                                                                                                                            
Theo Jorgensen - Pot Limit Omaha $25/$50 Part 3                                                                                                   
Training Videos

180 Mans $4.40 - $11 with Chris 'ChewMe1' 


Fish Finder Part 2 - 2NL Fullring with Andy 'ahar010' 

$4.40 15K Gtd. MTT Win Replay Part 2 - Final Table Early Stage with Chris 'ChewMe1'                               X    
Luckboxing Part 2 - MTT Turbos with Andy 'ahar010'  X    
$4.40 MTT Replay with Chris 'ChewMe1'    X    
180 Man Final Table Replay Part 2 with Chris 'ChewMe1'   X    
SnG Anatomy - Heads Up Play with Andy 'ahar010'       
A Bit Of Everything - MTT's with Chris 'ChewMe1'        
Hand of the Day Videos                                                                                                                                                
 NL5 6 Max ZOOM Part 2 with Felix 'xflixx'  X
 NL 5 6 Max ZOOM Part 3 with Felix 'xflixx' X    
 NL5 6 Max ZOOM Part 4 with Felix 'xflixx' X    
 NL 5 6 Max ZOOM Part 5 with Felix 'xflixx'  X    
 NL 5 6 Max ZOOM Part 1 with Felix 'xflixx'   X    

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