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The Poker League Hall of Fame
The League is one of the most exciting competitions in online poker. Every month PokerStars players battle it out at the tables against their competitors to earn leaderboard points and move up the levels to be crowned the ultimate poker school player. And it's not just prestige that's at stake, the higher you finish the more of the LEADERBOARD prize-pool you win with the top player at the Master level taking home $2,500 prize at the end of each month.
Here's a list of our winners so far at each level and how much they have won.
 Old League
  Masters   University   High School   Elementary
2017 2017 2017 2017
April - VeryWolf April - marsou-bet April - bonita7770 April - KeqpuP50
May - jby5188  May - eXelsiorush  May - buujahlove May - grinderfmm 
 June - Horror Grind  June - 7lpfyyb6  June - Katala198625 June - AliGarH87 
 July - MrAugite July - FeedTheWolf1  July - galina_1221  July -  OvydyuKK
 August - corsar636 August - 22_alec_22 August - Pelinkovic August - ljubo54
 September - Frustil12 September - Blackdevi724 September - mare87la September - edo281082
October - Xumuk 069 October - dem855 October - bpap1889 October - pokerasklema
November - VataStile November -Blackdevi724 November -sergey199812 November -vladfoot
December - Frustil12 December - edifice27 December - sizarwh December - Mitr0fan
2018 2018 2018 2018
January - No League January - No League January - No League January - No League
February - Sovere1gh February - favoBty February - denis_og79 February - power21212
March - Rycho_Psycho March - AkrImeR March - cristianopo1 March - marius-b40
April - FelipeCSilva April - DILER66686 April - Infinitypoker April - Super Tchell
May - A777BX May - Condor228 May - Artur64 May - Terkom777
June - yandex461 June - Waltrad June - SETT82 June - Pandoraji
 New League
  Master Level   Initiation Level
2018 2018
July - GRizlik14 July - andreinalim
August - AlMihalich August - rrojel
September - TELex878 September - AnaAksenva84
October - abuhberg October - Destruct1on7
November - rin2737 November - xxespartanoxx
December - lustrinell December - Antoshiba
2019 2019
January - jdnell (EN) & HomSet (CAN) January - muha1921 (EN) & cpm_04_79 (CAN)
February - B1@cK_HammeR (EN) & HomSet (CAN) February - MarkoParty (EN) & bearclaws8989 (CAN)
March - UNKNOWN_x_13 (EN) & hooble1 (CAN) March - shadyginzo (EN) & rambobutton (CAN)
April - Steinardo79 (EN) & Ogurek4 (CAN) April - Harold_House (EN) & tysonjet (CAN)
May - f35st (EN) & Ogurek4 (CAN) May - arielstar760 (EN) & RayPinu (CAN)
June - KingErce (EN) & 4wheeled (CAN) June - DappereDodo6 (EN) & Just said it (CAN)
Will You Be Next? Will You Be Next?

If you would like to get involved in the league you find all the information you need to get started in the links below plus a link to a Q&A thread in the poker forum should you have any questions.

The League - Support Thread
Do you enjoy playing The League tournaments? Leave a comment below telling us how we can improve on online pokers' biggest monthly poker league.

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