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The 2015 PSOTCOP
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PokerStars School would like to invite you to our next Home Game promotion. This special tournament series will run in the PSO Community Club homegame from January 16-25th and will include games for both real and play money players.

When and Where

All tournaments will be played in the PokerStars School Community Home Game Club. The games will be held at 12:00, 15:00, 18:00 and 21:00 ET.

Points and Leaderboards

All of the games will use a 20% payout and points will be awarded to all ITM finishers only, based on the following chart. These points will count BOTH for the monthly and yearly leaderboards that will be in the News forum:

1st – 100 points
2nd – 70 points
3rd – 60 points
4th – 50 points
5th – 45 points
6th – 40 points
7th – 35 points
8th - 30 points
9th – 25 points
Top 1/3 of the remaining ITM finishers – 20 points
Middle 1/3 of the remaining ITM finishers – 15 points
Bottom 1/3 of the remaining ITM finishers – 10 points

Event 10 for both play money and cash will be a special bounty event.
There will be a 50 leaderboard point bounty on EVERY Team PSO member in the team bounty game, Event 10, on Jan 18th. 

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Members can also earn an additional 100 points for blogging about knocking out the team member.  The blog must include not only the hand history (either HH text or in the replayer) but also the member's thought process throughout the hand.  All of this must be put into the blog in order for the member to receive the bonus points.
Each member is only eligible for one blog bonus for each cash and play money, regardless of how many team members they knockout. 

The title of the blog post must be 'I knocked out a PSO Team Member' and must be done either on the 18th, 19th or 20th of January.  Blogs that are done after 0:00 ET the 21th will not be eligible for the additional 100 points.
The members can choose which leaderboard they want the points earned for knockouts or blog posts to go toward, either cash or play money. 

Real Money Prizes

The cash leaderboard prizes* for this month will be:

1st - $22.00 ticket
2nd - $11.00 ticket
3rd - $11.00 ticket
4th - $5.50 ticket
5th - $5.50 ticket
6th thru 10th - $2.20 ticket

Invite your poker buddies to play against you in The 2015 PSOTCOP. Let them know about it on Twitter!

* Terms & Conditions
  1. The promotion will run from January 16th-25st.
  2. The promotion is run by PokerStars School who reserve the right to edit, change or modify the promotion in anyway deemed fit without notification at any time.
  3. No real money prizes will be awarded for winners of play money games.
  4. To be eligible for a prize players must be a registered member of PokerStars School and have made at least one post in the Forum prior to January 26th, 2014.
  5. Any member suspended from the PSO Community Home Game club during any month will not be eligible for prizes for that month and any points earned during that months promotion will be deducted from the leaderboard for that month. The decision to suspend a member from the Home Game club will be final and not open to appeal or remission.
  6. Real money prize winners will be credited with their tickets 2/3 working days after the promotion ends.
  7. PokerStars School decision will be final in all circumstances.

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