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'TELex878' Wins the Masters League
Each and every month PokerStars School members battle it out for their share of the prizes in our poker leagues. This September a total of 4,330 players contested the Masters Level while a staggering 19,859 took part at the Initiation Level. Of course, there can only be one overall winner and this month it was 'TELex878' who took the overall honours topping the Masters level leaderboard and earning himself $2,500 in tournament dollars for his efforts. We caught up with him to find out more about him and what this win means to him.

PokerStars School: First of all, congratulations on an impressive result! Tell us a little about yourself?

TELex878: My name is Nikita, I'm 29-years-old and from St. Petersburg. In my day job I work as an Economist and poker is a hobby for me.

PokerStars School: How long have you been playing poker in general and at PokerStars in particular?

TELex878: I've been playing poker for about nine years since I first discovered PokerStars. Like most players, I started by playing lots of freerolls. It was important at that time to win money without a deposit. I played everything: cash, mtt, omaha, badugi - it didn't matter. Then I realised that this is not the most competent approach. Instead, I began to focus on Sit & Go's, study articles, videos and popular books at that time, so I could learn more about the game and improve.

There was only a few points between first and second place at the end of the month.
PokerStars School: How long have you been a member of the poker school? What do you enjoy the most about it?

TELex878: I've been visiting the school since I first started playing all those years ago but it's only in recent times that I really started to systematically work through all the content here. The videos, articles, courses, and quizzes have really helped my game improve.

PokerStars School: How long have you been playing in the league? Have you been successful before?

TELex878: Not that long, I've only started playing The League since the summer of 2017 and then only occasionally as a past-time, not taking it too seriously. So this result of winning in September of 2018 was my first taste of success playing The League.

PokerStars School: Did you have a game plan for The League this month, or did it 'just happen'?

TELex878: At the very start of the month there was no strategic plan or anything like that. Then I won my 3rd tournament of the month and I thought what the hell, let's give it a go this month. I set aside time to play the 32 tournaments and I had an extra desire and motivation to do well. There was plenty of drama and suspense, right up until the last tournament and I only won by a few points in the end, it was a close cut thing.

A win early in the month got 'TELex878' off to a flying start.
PokerStars School: What will you use the prize money for?

TELex878: More tournaments, of course, I might play some bigger buy-in events but won't go too crazy. If I get any big results in these tournaments I will definitely cash out some and spend some of my winnings on family and friends.

PokerStars School: And finally do you have any tips or advice for other members of the poker school?

TELex878: Yes, even if it seems that it's all bad beats don't get dis-heartened, the wins can come at the most unexpected of times. Just keep trying your best.
Are you playing The League this month?
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