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Sit and Goes are one of the most popular types of games on PokerStars. In this article you will find a brief description about the different types of SnG's plus a link to some great strategy tips for playing them successfully.


A Sit & Go (S&G or SNG) is a tournament which does not have a pre-assigned start time; it simply begins when all the seats are filled. There are many types of Sit & Go, ranging in size from heads-up to 990 players, in both satellite and cash tournament form.  These tournaments can be found by clicking on the 'Sit & Go' tab in the main client lobby window.


'Fifty50' is a type of one-table Sit & Go tournament.  In a Fifty50 Sit & Go, the event ends when half of the entrants have been eliminated.  For example, in a 10-player Fifty50 tournament, 5 will be paid.  Half of the prize pool will be distributed equally among the 5 winners, and the other half of the prize pool will be distributed among those same 5 players based on the chip count percentages at the end of the event. The 6th-10th place finishers win nothing. So in a 10-player $10+$1 Fifty50, the prize pool is $100. Each of the final 5 finishers would receive $10 each, plus a percentage of the remaining $50 in the prize pool. You can find Fifty50 tournaments under 'Sit & Go' > '1-Table' in the PokerStars lobby.

As a more detailed example, in a $300+$17 tournament with ten entrants, the total prize pool is $3,000.  Each player starts with 1,500 chips.

Example Chips Chip % Chip Prize +Buy-in Total Prize
Player 1 4,300 28.67% $430 +$300 $730
Player 2 3,600 24.00% $360 +$300 $660
Player 3 3,100 20.67% $310 +$300 $610
Player 4 2,300 15.33% $230 +$300 $530
Player 5 1,700 11.33% $170 +$300 $470
Total 15,000 100.00% $1,500 +$1,500 $3,000

To calculate the value of Player 1's chips, multiply half the prize pool ($1500) by Player 1's portion of the total chips in play (4300/15000), a total of $430. Adding the returned buy-in awarded to each player who cashes results in Player 1's total prize amount of $730 ($430+$300). As a formula, an individual's payout would be expresses as:

The Fifty50 tournament lobby displays the approximate amount per 100 chips to be paid out when the tournament ends. The value displayed in the Fifty50 tournament lobby is rounded down to the nearest cent, but payouts are calculated so that the entire prize pool is paid out. Note that the final payouts may experience small rounding differences in order to ensure that the total payouts equal the prize pool.

Due to their unique payout structure, Fifty50 tournaments are not eligible for any Tournament Leader Board points. You can find Fifty50 tournaments under 'Sit & Go' > '1-Table' in the PokerStars lobby.

Please note: Fifty50 tournaments are not eligible for any Tournament Leader Board points. They are also not eligible for the Battle of the Planets promotion.


'Steps' are a special 'tiered' type of Sit & Go tournament. By playing in Steps tournaments, you can turn a small investment into a large prize by working your way up from the lowest step to the highest step. Entry to the Steps system starts from just $7.50, €2.20 or 500 Frequent Player Points (FPP), and you work your way up the ladder to win prizes worth thousands!


Even if you don't advance to the next level in a particular Step tournament, you can win a chance to play again at the same level, or the one below. You can also buy in directly to any Step tournament at any level, or jump off the step ladder into certain regular tournaments using a Step 4 ticket.

To register for Steps tournaments, select the 'Sit & Go', 'Satellite' and then 'Steps' tabs in the PokerStars lobby. Learn more about the Steps system.


Single table tournaments (STTs) have become exceptionally popular in the era of online poker. They are the most common type of Sit & Go tournament - the name given to a type of game that has no fixed start time, but instead begins the very moment a certain number of players have sat down at the table. 

STTs are Sit & Go tournaments that take place, as the name suggests, around a single table. As soon as all the seats are filled, the tournament begins. In a nine-handed STT, the winner takes 50 per cent of the total prize pool, the second placed player 30 per cent and third placed 20 per cent. Players start with 1,500 chips and the blinds rise every 10 minutes.


At PokerStars School you will find some great strategy tips for playing these types of games successfully in our Sit & Go course section.