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Ship It to a Land Down Under – Poker Results – PokerStars
Playing in poker tournaments can be compared to sailing the seas of luck and good fortune and while sometimes it seems that the tide is going against us there can also be magical times when the wind fills our sails and we journey deep into the ocean for that big score.

Well, we're not sure what was going on in the waters of the Southern Hemisphere over the weekend but whatever it was it brought a lot of luck to two PokerSchoolOnline members who made huge cashes in their respective tournaments.
Steering his ship to runner-up spot of the $215 Sunday 2nd Chance on PokerStars was 'imluckbox'. We're pretty sure that luck was involved however it also took a huge amount of skill and patience on behalf of this Australian to take home the 2nd placed prize of $35,850.00
Meanwhile, his fellow countryman 'ShippityShip' was also busy navigating through a huge field in the WCOOP 2nd Chance #42 to win the event for a top prize of $30,192.80. Congratulations to both these Australian school members on two well-deserved and stunning results!
Let's not drop anchor just yet though as there's plenty more results to come as follows:
  • Swedish school member 'pAYtAXiSnICE' had a sweet weekend finishing 3rd in The Weekender tournament on PokerStars for $23,715.90
  • 'Epiphany77' from the United Kingdom finished 4th in the WCOOP 2nd Chance #45 for $14,972.00
  • Canadian poker school member 'AJSuited16' was runner-up in the $215 Weekly NL Omaha H/L event for $2,997.00
  • Another Australian member, this time 'Brodermatt' finished 2nd in the Sunday Spark event for $2,889.17
  • There was nothing fishy about 'fish_san's result in the Weekly PLO H/L event as the Japanese player took home $2,520.00 for their 2nd place finish.
  • 'Aphily8' from the United Kingdom can be pleased with the $2,313.37 they won for finishing 2nd in the $82 Weekly NL Omaha H/L event
  • Armenian poker school member 'levbkh' won $2,205.20 coming home 3rd in the $22 Saturday 6-Max
  • Meanwhile Canadian player 'Woodstock37' binked the $11 Saturday Duel for $1908.00
  • 'Donald' from Norway put their mixed game skills to the test and finished 2nd in the $82 Weekly HORSE event for $1,110.00
  • 'ttouch77' from New Zealand finished 5th in the $82 Weekly NL Omaha H/L event for $895.50
  • And last but by no means least 'Monkey99999' also from New Zealand finished 8th in the Sunday Spark for $314.
So now that another busy weekend is over and we're back at Port we'd like to congratulate all of PokerStars School's big winners this weekend from all at the school. If you made a big cash over the weekend we'd love to hear from you. Get in touch by leaving a message for us on Facebook below or by Tweeting us @PokerStarsPSO