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Session Videos - Spacegravy


Session Videos - Spacegravy
Grayson 'spacegravy' Physioc first gained fame in late 2007 when he wanted to prove how much money can be made at medium stakes Sit & Go's. He claimed he could win $25,000 in one month playing $60 tournaments. As much as $25,000 in side bets was placed and Grayson won the bet in just 21 days. After starting to play online poker seriously in college he struggled at first, but within a year was a profitable player. Grayson, who is better known by his PokerStars screen name spacegravy, credits living in Las Vegas with some of the best Sit and Go players in the world to him moving up the ranks. He is now known for revolutionizing multi-tabling poker, because he was the first player to prove that a profit could be turned while playing a large volume of high stakes Sit and Go's. He now multi-tables 25-30 tables and was one of the top earning PokerStars players at high-stakes full ring Sit & Go's in 2008.
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