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Progressive Jackpot Hall of Fame

How To Play the Scratch & Match Progressive Jackpot

Simply reveal all 3 Jackpot symbols to unlock the Jackpot. The Jackpot prize is broken down as below:

  • 50% is awarded to the Winner.
  • 50% remains towards the next Jackpot.
Players that have not yet made a 1st deposit on PokerStars have one card each day to play. Players that already have deposited get two cards to play daily. Everyone has a chance to win extra scratchcards by matching 3x +1 Scratch Ticket symbols.

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First Time Deposit Offer

$30 'free play' PokerStars bonus

After clicking the button, make sure you use the deposit bonus code THIRTY when making your 1st-time deposit to claim your PokerStars $30 'free play' bonus.


Every Month PokerStars School will add $200 to the Jackpot with a guaranteed minimum jackpot of $500. If you match 3 x Jackpot symbols you'll receive 50% of the prize and the other 50% will go back to the next Jackpot prize-pool. All prizes will be awarded as tournament dollars T$ so you'll be able to use the winnings to play tournaments, Sit & Go's and Spin & Go's.

Scratchcards are completely free so there's no cost to play and nothing ventured, nothing gained right?
What you can win this week.
Prize Description
School Pass Use this ticket to play in any of our exclusive School Pass tournaments.
Master League Use this ticket to play a Masters League tournament. (Please note: This ticket can only be used starting Jan 2019).
$0,10c Ticket Use this ticket to play any tournament on PokerStars to this value.
+1 Scratch Card Have another go with this extra scratchcard.
Community Tournament Use this ticket to play in the monthly Community Tournament with a $1,000 gtd prize-pool.
Jackpot Match 3 of these and you win the JACKPOT!

If you have any questions about the 'Scratch and Match' offer please ask them in Our Forum.

Terms & Conditions

    • Occasionally an account may not be eligible for this promotion because it requires verification. If you think this is the case please contact who can give you more details.
    • The progressive jackpot is awarded after you reveal 3 jackpot symbols, our system alerts us as to exactly who has won the jackpot. Any actions that you perform to prevent us collecting this data will void you from winning the jackpot.
    • Any false jackpot claims such as fake screen shot could result in your account being banned.
    • The winners of the Jackpot will have their username displayed on all poker schools websites and other promotional or advertising campaigns. By playing Scratch & Match you agree to these terms.
    • PokerStars School shall not be responsible if no prize is issued and no compensation will be offered.
    • Other accounts may not be eligible for this promotion. Scratch and Match is limited to the first account associated with PokerStars software installation on a computer or mobile device. No consideration will be considered for subsequent installations.
    • Prizes won cannot be transferred to other accounts or exchanged for other prizes.
    • Should a member win the Jackpot who is not eligible for the prize, we will add the total prize amount to a Freeroll tournament.
    • The currency of the progressive jackpot amount is in USD.
    • This promotion is run by PokerStars School who reserve the right to edit, change, add or remove features of this promotion without prior notice as deemed beneficial to the promotion.
    • Players must be over 18+ to take part in any PokerStars School Promotion.

Progressive Jackpot FAQ

  1. Q) If I have never made a deposit on PokerStars can I win the Progressive Jackpot?

    A) Unfortunately no. Progressive Jackpot is only open to players who have made a deposit on PokerStars. You can, however, still win all other prizes.

    Q) If I win the jackpot when will the Prize be awarded?

    A) Once you have won the Progressive Jackpot, we will first review your account via PokerStars Security, and it should take no more than 48 hours to receive your prize. You will be contacted via the email registered on your PokerStars account.

    Q) Why is the Jackpot only 50% of the total?

    A) As a bonus we wanted the prizes to be fair for everyone: 50% goes to the winner and 50% towards the next jackpot in order to keep it topped up.

    Q) How is the Jackpot winner chosen?

    A) The jackpot winner is chosen randomly as with our all prizes within the Scratch and Match game. The good news is, it's free to play and you can play every day.

    Q) How does the Progressive Jackpot increase?
    A) Every Month PokerStars School will add $200 to the Jackpot with a guaranteed minimum jackpot of $500.

Over $150,000 in prizes awarded via Scratch & Match to date!

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