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School Player Smashes Stars Rewards Freeroll
We love a good success story here at PokerStars School, especially when it involves a member of the school crushing an online tournament and cashing in. So when we saw a comment from 'Smasher25' that he had just won the Weekly Stars Rewards Freeroll for $1,353  we rushed to catch up with him to find out more about him and what winning this tournament means to him...

PokerStars School (PSS): How did you first get into poker and what attracted you to the game?
Smasher25: I found out about Poker from a friend who played a lot and I soon got to like it. I set up my PokerStars account early in 2015 and joined PokerStars School in 2016 to help me learn more about the game. I initially played a lot and quickly started winning.

PSS: What do you do for a living?
Smasher25: I'm self-employed, which can take up a lot of time, but luckily I also have time for poker. I would love at some stage to be able to play poker full-time as a living, who knows.

PSS: How do you consider yourself as a poker player? Amateur, semi-pro, pro?
Smasher25: At the moment I would consider myself as a semi-pro player, I've won a good bit of money from playing poker. In order to consider myself as a pro I would need to be playing it for a living, full-time, but I'm not there just yet.

PSS: Why do you think Poker is so popular?
Smasher25: I think Poker is so popular because you can score big money and also the game itself is fun to play, and you can meet new people if you go around and play tournaments live.

PSS: What does winning the Weekly Stars Rewards Freeroll for $1,353 mean to you?
Smasher25: It means a lot, every tournament win is important, whether it's a freeroll or an expensive buy-in. It's a lot of money to me and I'll invest it back into some bigger buy-in tournaments, maybe even a buy-in to a Sunday Million event.

PSS: Do you follow a strategy when you play poker tournaments?
Smasher25: Yes, I follow strategy. For me, the game is more to do with skill than luck. I educate myself by learning from Pro players on Twitch and by watching the videos and reading the articles here on PokerStars School.

PSS: In what way has PokerStars School helped you?
Smasher25: The school has helped me in many ways, with interactive learning tools, strategy articles, and also by watching the videos on different strategy topics. There are loads here at the school to learn from.

PSS: What tips or advice would you recommend to beginners?
Smasher25: My advice to new players is to have a purpose when playing. Don't keep limping when the blinds are low. Fail. Failure is important. Everybody fails, but it's what we learn from those failures that is important. And don't bluff too often, as players they can take a note of that, and then take your chips.
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'Player 'Smasher25' has been credited with T$ 20 as a token of thanks for sharing his story.'

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