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Running Deep in WCOOP
You may have noticed this article where some interesting facts about cashes by PokerStars School players during this year's WCOOP were published. If not then the short synopsis is that members of our poker community cashed for a total of $1,642,358.05 with 8,588 cashes in total. The biggest single cash by one of our players was an amazing $115,828.27.

As every grinder of poker tournaments will tell you the big wins are great, however, all 'In The Money' cashes are important to both your return on investment (ROI) stats and poker bankroll in general. Even the smallest min-cashes are crucial when it comes to working out if a player will make a profit at the end of the year or not.

And while making money is the reason that most players play there's also a really nice feeling when you run deep in a major poker tournament. Take this example of PokerStars School player Joshua 'holdemlouis1' Goodman. He finished 21st out of a field of 14,024 players in the WCOOP-46-M: $55 NLHE [Progressive KO], $400K Gtd event. That's a finish in the top 0.15% of the field. For his investment of $55, he came out of the tournament with $1,739.16, a profit of $1,684.16. That's a result that will reflect well on his stats at the end of the year.

A 21st placed finish banked 'holdemlouis1' a total of $1,739.16 in this WCOOP main event.

Josuha is 27-years-old, live in London, and works within the fashion industry as a financial director and commercial strategist for a clothing brand called 'Kuki London'. He lists his passions as both sneakers, which he trades, and poker. He first started playing the game in his teenage years, being taught the basics by some family friends while on holiday. Then when he went to University to study banking & finance he discovered PokerStars and began to delve deeper into the game.

One of the first learning resources he discovered was PokerStars School and he found the lessons very useful. Nowadays he uses Twitch a lot to watch more experienced players play and learn from them. Without a doubt his highlight of WCOOP this year was his deep run in the Knockout tournament but he's not done yet. 'I want to do even better next year,' he states indicating that he's going to continue to work on and develop his poker game and expects to improve. He's a player who knows that hard work pays off in the long term.

When asked what advice he would give to players thinking of stepping up to bigger tournaments he stressed the importance of balancing playing time with review and study time. Also, he said that understanding how Bankroll Management works in poker is very important, especially if you want to avoid variance and bad beats wiping out your entire bankroll.
What advice would you give? Comment below with your answer.


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