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Progressive Jackpot Hall of Fame
Winning a Scratch and Match progressive Jackpot isn't just exciting - it's also a massive boost to your Poker bankroll. Below are some of our recent lucky winners.
Date Winner Jackpot Amount
Jan 1st 2017 'ursu1anr' $4,523.44
Feb 11th 2017 'AndyPokerPL' $5,084.22
Apr 10th 2017 'JAGM187' $6,800.86
Jul 3rd 2017 'multisurf' $9,010.43
Oct 15th 2017 'cesar clc' $6,695.11
Nov 28th 2017 'tAKIEdELA' $5,338.81
Jan 2nd 2018 Returned* $4,280.65
Mar 27th 2018 Doni Corlion $8,324.24
May 19th 2018 'lukashov1982' $8,055.87
Jun 21st 2018 'Xeced' $5,711.69
Oct 12th 2018 'aleks nevsk' $7,444.60
? Will you be next? ?

Tips to help improve your chances of winning

Whilst the chances of winning the Jackpot might be small, it's free to play, and there are certainly ways you can increase your chances. Someone has to win the Jackpot. Could that person be you?
  1. Make sure you are a real money player. You'll only need to have made one deposit to qualify to win the Jackpot. Players who have not made a deposit before still have the option to win smaller prizes.
  2. Play every day. It goes without saying that the more you play the better chance you have to win. Come back every day to increase your chances at the Jackpot. Hopefully you'll win some of the smaller prizes too, after all it's free to play.
  3. Look out for our monthly promotions - often you'll be able to earn extra scratch cards to further increase your chances.

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Progressive Jackpot FAQ

  1. Q) If I have never made a deposit on PokerStars can I win the Progressive Jackpot?

    A) Unfortunately no. Progressive Jackpot is only open to players who have made a deposit on PokerStars. You can, however, still win all other prizes, plus the Jackpot Freebuy Tournament.

    Q) If I win the jackpot when will the Prize be awarded?

    A) Once you have won the Progressive Jackpot, we will first review your account via PokerStars Security, and it should take no more than 48 hours to receive your prize. You will be contacted via the email registered on your PokerStars account.

    Q) What happens if I win the Jackpot but do not claim it?

    A) After 30 days the Jackpot prize will be added back to the prize pool and you'll no longer be eligible to claim the prize.

    Q) Why is the Jackpot only 25% of the total?

    A) As a bonus we wanted the prizes to be fair for everyone: 25% goes to the winner, 50% towards the next jackpot in order to keep it topped up, and 25% goes towards the Jackpot Freebuy Tournament. All of your fellow Poker School friends will be happy you've unlocked the tournament for them, and you might even win that too!

    Q) How is the Jackpot winner chosen?

    A) The jackpot winner is chosen randomly as with our all prizes within the Scratch and Match game. The good news is, it's free to play and you can play every day.

    Q) How does the Progressive Jackpot increase?
    A) Every time a player makes a first time deposit using the Scratch Bonus plugin, $5 will be added to the Progressive Jackpot. The more players who use the Bonus, the higher the Jackpot will grow.

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