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If you remember a couple of weeks ago we read the story of 'Rider$Fan100' who had a nice win playing on PokerStars. If you missed it you can catch it here. In this article we follow on from that and hear from another of our PokerStars School members 'bommmm123', who also had a nice win while playing Spin & Go's.

PokerStars School (PSS): How did you get into poker? When did you first join the poker school and what do you most like about it?
bommmm123: I found out about poker from my friends who liked to play it a lot and I got intrigued by the game for its simplicity and yet complexity in many ways. I immediately started learning the rules and how to play by watching professionals. Not long after, I set up my poker account and joined PokerStars School this year to get better at the game. Then, I started winning after a few months with the help of the school.

PokerStars School (PSS): What do you do for a living?
bommmm123: I worked as a supervisor in a clothing manufacturer wholesale company. Though it's a lot of work and time consuming, luckily I can find some time to play poker.

PokerStars School (PSS): Which poker player would you most aspire to play like and why?
bommmm123: I aspire Phil Ivey in the world of poker and would like to be able to play like him in the future. To me, his play is almost flawless. His understanding of his standing in every pot/play, enabling to play aggressive yet low-risk and his reads in the game. In my view, its the best strategy for poker.

PokerStars School (PSS): Why do you think poker, especially Spin & Go's are so popular?
bommmm123: I think it because of the wide variety in which poker can be played and I love the idea where anyone could actually win in the end taking in the reference of the wsop tournament where people rarely win twice in a row. As for Spin & Go, my opinion it is because of the possibility of high return like my game of Spin & Go $3 with a prize of $360. The first prize is $300 and last two will get $30. I think is because of this possibility that Spin & Go is s popular.
Watch the moment 'bommmm123' wins a Spin & Go on PokerStars

PokerStars School (PSS): Do you play Spin & Go's often? What is your main poker game?
bommmm123: I play Spin & Go usually as my main poker game but often play other promotions on PokerStars to win prizes. It's great fun.

PokerStars School (PSS): Tell us about your winning moment?
bommmm123: My winning moment was during my buy-in $3 Spin & Go and got a total prize pool of $360. I immediately jumped with excitement. This was the first big multiplier that I have got in a spin. As the game began slowly, the fourth hand, with me having with the second biggest stack and the button. The player positioned after I went All-in raising his bet to 620 chips and I decided to call hoping he had no pockets with a total stack 460 chips. The flop came , with the other player three of a kind, with a hand of .

At this point, I could only hope on gaining a flush to win as the flop had already 3 diamonds. Finally, the turn came which gave me the winning hand and collected 940 chips resulting highest stack on the table against 160 chips and 400 chips. As the game continued the lowest stack finally lost, putting heads up with a 2:1 ratio over my opponents. Playing around 25 hands heads up, winning 18 games out of 25. I won the tournament and received a prize of $300

PokerStars School (PSS): What tip or advice would you recommend to beginners?
bommmm123: My advice is only to learn the rules, understand poker hand ranking on the table and most important position. if you have a position on other players, it will help you to see their action before making a decision. This huge chunk of information must be given a huge consideration on your play. raising or checking, bet-sizing could give a certain information on the other player cards which could help your decision a lot.
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