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PokerStars School Player cashes for $17K in WCOOP
For all of you aspiring poker players learning here at PokerStars School, this is a story that should really inspire you. It's a story about how putting in a little bit of effort to learn the game can really pay off in the long-term. It's the story of UK based player Janis 'jroze99' Rozentāls, who just recently won an $11 PokerStars WCOOP event for over $17,700!

Janis is a 30-year-old engineer working in the medical industry. Originally from Latvia, he moved to the United Kingdom eight years ago and like it so much that's he's still living there with his wife and family.

Janis has been interested in poker for a long time, having first seen the game on TV shows when he was a kid. He particularly liked the hype around the WSOP series and dreamed about one day becoming a world champion of poker. The game still fascinates him to this day, as he loves to watch how people make the different plays they do. The art of bluffing is another aspect to poker that really interests Janis and that was one of the hardest things he found about the game when he first started playing.

The world of entertainment moved on and along came Twitch, an online streaming platform that many Team PokerStars Pros use when playing online. In 2017 Janis stumbled across a livestream of Lex Veldhuis and he immediately saw the potential to learn a lot from watching Lex play live. He dedicated a lot of time to watching streams, reading poker books, anything that would make him a better player he soaked up. And sure enough soon after the results started coming. He remembers clearly his first final table as he finished 6th for $300. It was a bittersweet memory, joy for reaching the final table, and disappointment at having Aces cracked to knock him out.

All the poker strategy article and videos at PokerStars School were also very useful to Janis. One of the most important lessons that he learned here at the poker school was the importance of sticking to solid bankroll management and not to play higher limits if you cannot afford it. Offering his advice to new players he recommends using all of the free content here to work on your poker weaknesses and get better at the game.

Janis would definitely be more of a tournament player, having found the cash game tables tough, but he can also occasionally be found at the Spin & Go tables. Right now, however, his full concentration is on the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) on PokerStars. So far his WCOOP adventure has got off to a wonderful start. He won the WCOOP-02-L - $11 NLHE event cashing for just over $17,700, which was not only his biggest cash to date but also an incredible learning experience for him. The next tournament he played was a $22 buy-in event but that didn't as well, having been busted out in the middle of the tournament.

The plan for the rest of WCOOP for Janis is quite simple. Stay rested, keep focus, and give it everything for the next few weeks. He's planning on playing a minimum of ten more WCOOP events before this year's series is over. Janis is thinking big, and his ambition is to continuously improve to the level where he would feel comfortable playing high-stakes poker tournaments. He wants to compete against the best players in the world and who knows, maybe one day he'll become a full-time professional poker player traveling the world playing the game he loves most.

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Player 'jroze99' has been credited with T$ 20 as a token of thanks for sharing his story.

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