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Spraggy does the Split
The new PokerStars game Split Hold'em has been available for over a week now and hopefully you've had a chance to try it out. With two boards on every single hand there is the potential for some crazy pots to develop and all-new strategies to learn.

If you need a reminder of the rules – and some basic strategy tips – then make sure to check out our Introduction to Split Hold'em right here. The game has quickly been taken up by Team PokerStars Pro and several Twitch regulars have been streaming Split Hold'em since it went live. One of the biggest fans of the game so far has been Ben 'Spraggy' Spraggs, flying solo without his regular partner Fintan Hand.

Spraggy has been learning the game on the fly, alongside his audience, as he attempts to work out the optimum strategy for scooping pots and making sure he doesn't get scooped himself. In this hand Spraggy explains perfectly why his 8-7 suited is in an ideal position to win a big one…

Pay attention to what Spraggy has to say and if you can grasp these concepts you'll immediately be one step ahead of much of the Split Hold'em player pool.

However, for all the fun that this game can provide there is also double the opportunity to end up with egg on your face. As Spraggy demonstrates perfectly in this hand with pocket Queens. Surely he can't lose two flips…

Now that you've seen how Spraggy likes to Split, why not give it a go yourself?

Have you tried the new Split Hold'em game yet? Leave a comment below about what you think of it.

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