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PokerStars Championship Live Monte Carlo

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PokerStars Championship Monte Carlo
The PokerStars Championship heads to Monte Carlo and you can watch all of the action unfold right here at PokerStars School. Coverage begins on May 1st at 12 CEST with Day 2 of the Main Event.

PokerStars TV Bounty Bonus 
Each day during the PokerStars Championship in Monte Carlo you will have the chance to play in one of the PokerStars TV Bounty Bonus tournaments each with a $500 guaranteed prize-pool. As a PokerStars School member you can get your tickets for free simply by clicking on the button below. In each tournament there will be a celebrity knockout playing with a $150 bounty on their head, and because each tournament is a ZOOM tournament everyone will have a chance. These tournaments will be available in the PokerStars client from May 1st.

Here's who will be playing:
  • May 1st - 'J.Hartigan' - 'JoeStapleton' - 'Waster'
  • May 2nd - 'J.Hartigan' - 'JoeStapleton' - 'Waster'
  • May 3rd - 'J.Hartigan' - 'JoeStapleton' - 'Waster'
  • May 4th - 'J.Hartigan' - 'JoeStapleton' - 'Waster''
  • May 5th - 'J.Hartigan' - 'JoeStapleton' - 'Waster'

Note: You can only win the Bounty Bonus after the rebuy period has finished. You will not receivea bonus for eliminating the bounty during the rebuy period.

If you knock one of the above players out of the tournament then you will receive a $150 bounty reward! All bounty rewards will be credited to winning players accounts on May 8th.*
Simply click on the button below to receive 5 x tickets that you can use for any of the Bounty Bonus tournaments plus 5 x School Pass tickets!

PokerStars TV Bounty Bonus

Click here to get your tickets!

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  Bonus:  If you have never made a deposit, you can also receive 10 x School Pass tickets and $5 in FREE CASH simply by clicking on the button above and then making your 1st-time deposit on PokerStars.

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PokerStars Championship - Monte Carlo - Bounty Bonus Tournaments

Guaranteed prize pool $500 $500 $500 $500 $500
Date 01/05/17 02/05/17 03/05/17 04/05/17 05/05/17
Time 16:00 CEST 16:00 CEST 16:00 CEST 16:00 CEST 16:00 CEST
Tournament ID  1880725988 1880726253 1880726451  1880726667 1880726856

PokerStars TV freerolls

During the live coverage of PokerStars Championship Monte Carlo you'll get the chance every day to play the PokerStars TV Freerolls each with $2.000 added prize pool. In order to participate on these PokerStars TV freeroll tournaments you'll need a password. All you need to do is watch the PokerStars TV live coverage carefully, where the commentators will disclose the passwords. You can find these ferrules in the PokerStars lobby: "Tourney" > "Freerolls"

PokerStars TV Freeroll tournaments (password required)

Guaranteed prize pool $2.000 $2.000 $2.000 $2.000 $2.000
Date 01/05/17 02/05/17 03/05/17 04/05/17 05/05/17
Time 21:15 CEST 21:15 CEST 21:15 CEST 21:15 CEST 21:15 CEST
Tournament ID  1873825156 1873825157 1873825159  1873825160 1873825161

    • This promotion is run by Poker School who reserve the right to amend, edit or change the promotion in any way deemed fit without prior notice.
    • Bounty Bonus tickets will be credited within 24 hours of clicking on the button above.
    • The Bounty Bonus tournament will be visible in the PokerStars client and open for registration from May 5th onwards.
    • All Bounty Bonus tournaments will have a rebuy and add-on of $1.10 adding to the prize pool.
    • All knockout bounty rewards will be credited to winning players 72 hours after the last tournament has finished.
    • Bounties are only awarded to players who eliminate the target players from the tournament after the rebuy and add-on period has ended. Target players are allowed to rebuy into the tournament. If a target player rebuys after a player wins all their chips this is not a knockout and no bounty is awarded in this case.
    • Please note that although you may be eligible for multiple promotions which encourage a first deposit, only one award or package of this type is allowed per member. If you have already made a first-time-deposit you may not qualify.
    • The decision of Poker School will be final in all circumstances.
    • Some accounts may not be eligible for 'School Pass' or real money tickets. Poker School shall offer no compensation to any member should their account not be eligible for a 'School Pass' or other tickets or rewards.
    • Real money transfers are not considered deposits.