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Cash Out options are more commonly known for sports bets, where you're able to cash out all or part of the bet before the event is over. This eliminates the risk of the bet but also decreases the amount you can win. Using this same feature in Poker, helps eliminate risk to gain a guaranteed % of the pot.

The ability to cash out is now available on micro-stakes Cash Games tables during any all-in hand with cards still to come.

For more information read the full rules All-In Cash Out.

Why would I use All-In Cash Out?

If you're a beginning player, it allows you to practice the game for real, but decrease the risk factor during all-in situations.


⦁    Player moves all in with JJ and is called by AA. In this situation, the JJ hand has roughly a 18.8% chance to win the hand. Over 81% of the time they will lose their entire stack, the cash out option allows this player to at least keep some of their stack, rather than lose it all.

⦁    Player moves all in for $10 preflop with AA, their opponent calls with KK. The board runs out 33KJ4 and they lose their entire stack, due to variance. AA only wins 81.7% of the time.

If, however the player with AA opted to cash out preflop, they would still take a share of the pot based on their hands equity, minus the rake and All-In Cash Out fee.

⦁    From time to time there will also be situations where multiple players have been raising preflop, and two players end up all-in with a coinflip situation. There's a gigantic pot, but 50% of the time you'll lose. This is maybe a situation where you'd prefer to decrease your chances of losing the pot by taking a % of it using the All-in Cash Out feature.

Example $0.05/$0.10 No Limit Hold'em:

⦁    Seat 1 raises to $0.30
⦁    Seat 2 raises to $0.90
⦁    Seat 3 calls $0.90
⦁    Seat 4 folds
⦁    Seat 5 (SB) folds
⦁    Seat 6 (BB) calls $0.80
⦁    Seat 1 moves all in for $10 with JJ
⦁    Seat 2 calls $10 with AKs
⦁    Seat 3 & 6 both fold.
⦁    Pot $21.85

With the dead money in the pot, and only roughly 50% chance to win the pot for both players, they may in this situation both choose to use the All-in Cash Out feature, rather than risk losing the entire pot on a flip.

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Have you ever lost a big pot you wish you could have cashed out? Comment Below!

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