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Q. What is PokerStars School ?
A.  PokerStars School (PSO) is the PokerStars poker school, designed to welcome you to the world of poker and help you Find the Poker Star in you. There are three major elements to PSO.

1. The education: Take some of the poker courses, developed with the help of poker experts, and become a winning poker player in no time.
2. The community: Make new poker friends and interact in the forum and try your own blog.
3. Poker room: Take part in the exciting and rewarding PokerSchool Skill Leagues played in the PokerStars poker room.
Q. I want to become a member of PokerStars School, how do I do this?
A. Becoming part of the PokerStars School community is free and easy. 
1. First you will need to download the PokerStars client from the download page and register a unique user ID and password for your PokerStars account. To register your free PokerStars account, select "Create Account" from the "Account" menu in the PokerStars lobby and fill in the necessary fields on the registration form. Be sure to enter a valid email address for your validation code to be sent.
2. To register at PokerStars School please start the PokerStars software and log in. Then select the PokerSchool link in the top menu and Register in the dropdown. Then fill in the required fields in the dialogue box and you are done.
In order to log into the PokerStars poker room, you will need to use your PokerStars User ID and Password. In order to log into the PokerStars School website you will need to use your PokerStars User ID and your newly chosen PokerStars School Password.
Q. What are the Terms and Conditions of PokerStars School?
A. Please read our PokerStars School Terms and Conditions.
Q. I would like to make a post in the forum, how do I do this?  
A. Once you have become a member of PokerStars School you will log into the website and click on the forum button on the top navigation menu bar or from the link on the right hand side of the PSO website.  
Click on the red title of the forum you wish to make a new post in.
Click on the New Topic menu item and this will launch a new posting page. Enter the title of your post and then enter the text into the main body of the page. When you have completed this you can hit the submit new thread button at the bottom of the page.  This will make your post live.
Q. Where can I find the rules for the PokerStars School forum? 
A. Click on the link to read the PSO Forum Rules or you can find the forum rules under it's own topic in the General Forum for PokerStars School Forum Rules.

Q. I have made a post/s in the PokerStars School forum, How do I delete it/them?
A. Click on the post that you wish to delete (note, a member can only deleted their own posts) and click on the "EDIT" at the bottom of the post. You will then have the option to delete or edit your post. 
Q. I would like to have my own PSO blog, how do I do that?
A. Once you have become a member of PokerStars School you will log into the website and click "your blog button" under the welcome message on the right hand side of the page. Click create a blog and follow the instructions on screen. This will set up your blog and then you will be able to make your first blog post.
Q. What are the rules of blogging ?
A. You can find a complete list of the Rules of Blogging here

The PokerStars poker room 

Q. How do I create a PokerStars account?
A. To create an account go to this page and download the PokerStars software Once downloaded, create your PokerStars Account.
Q. I need to change my email address, How do I do this?
A. Open the PokerStars software, click on account, then choose change account and change your email address.
Q. I am not happy with my avatar, can I change it?
A. Yes, you may change your image by selecting 'Select/Change Image' from the Account menu. However, you can only change your image once, so we recommend that you consider your choice carefully. This process can take up to five days to be approved by PokerStars.
Q. How do I use the PokerStars Software ?
A. PokerStars has provided a  Virtual Tour with an introduction video to break down the basics.
Q. I would like to play under a different name. Can I have more than one account ?
A. No. Each player is only allowed one account. It is not permitted to close your account and open another one. Once you create an account, your UserID cannot be changed, so please choose carefully.
Q. Can I play PSO events if I have a Poker Room ?
A. NO you must download the software from Here is the correct link Download the PokerStars Software
Q. How do I get a tournament ticket so I can play in the PSO events that require one?
A. In order to receive your PSO member ticket and play in the PSO Monthly No Limit Hold'em with $1,000 Added and the Pokerschool Premier League qualifier in the PokerStars Poker Room you must pass the Core Course Quiz 
Q. I have passed the core course quiz and earned a tournament ticket, where can I find it?
A. Log into the PokerStars software, click on requests, then choose tournament tickets.
Q. I want to play in the PSO events, where do I find the tournaments?
A. Log into software, select tourney tab and then select the private tab. You can then sort the events by name and scroll down to find events beginning with Pokerschool. You can also find the Pokerschool Open League events in the "freeroll" tab and the "all" tab
Q. In the PokerStars Poker Room I have heard about FPP's and VPP's what are they and how to I get them ?
A. PokerStars was the first online poker site to reward its frequent players, and the PokerStars VIP Club remains the biggest and best rewards program in online poker! Every PokerStars real money player is eligible to earn points at their tables. These points can be spent on great merchandise, to enter online tournaments, and to qualify for major live events! The more you play, the more you earn. See below to find out more about what they offer.
How do I get rewarded?
How do I earn VPPs?
How many FPPs do I earn for each VPP?
How Can I Check my VIP Status?
How Can I Check My FPP Balance?
Q. Can I play for real money at PokerStars? 
A. Of course! You are under no obligation to play for real money, but if you want to, they have a wide variety of games and tournaments available.  The first step is to deposit some funds into your PokerStars account.
The methods available for depositing real money into your account vary depending on your location.  For information on how to make a deposit, please visit their Playing With Real Money page.
Q. Is there a question relating to PokerStars we haven't covered?
A. Here is the full list of PokerStars FAQ's.  The PokerStars customer support team is available 24/7 you can email them at 

PokerSchool Skill League  

Q. What is the PokerSchool Skill League ?
A. PokerStars School has developed a proprietary method of rating members' play at PokerStars with the introduction of a monthly Poker School  Skill League. Each month PSO will be offering cash prizes to those members that manage to finish in the money in our leaderboards.  Each day there will be six PokerSchool  Skill League Freeroll Tournaments in the PokerStars poker room and our members will need to compete in at least five of them each month in order to receive a qualifying ranking.
Q. Can I win anything in the PokerSchool Skill League? 
A. Yes you can win cash in the PokerSchool Skill League. If you look at the main PokerSchool Skill League Leader board you will see the amounts of cash prizes that can be won.
Q. There are three prize columns shown on the PokerSchool Skill League Leader board. Why is this? 
A. The total league prize pool will be distributed across 3 levels:
The first level is for members who have earned less than 20 VPP, the prior month
20+ -- for members that earned at least 20, but less than 150 VPP, the prior month
150+ -- for members that earned 150 or more VPP , the prior month
Please see the PokerSchool Skill League Legend page for full details.
Q. I want to find out where I am placed in this months PokerSchool Skill league. Where can I find the eaderboard ?
A. To find out where you are currently placed in this months PokerSchool Skill League Check out the Current Leaderboard which is updated at the completion of every PokerSchool freeroll league event. You can search for your username and choose which league you want to search.
Q. I am interested in knowing about the scoring system for the PokerSchool Skill League, where can I find this information?
A. The Skill League Scoring formula specifically rates multi-table poker tournament players and is the ultimate skill based rating system for tournament poker. 
Q. Where do I find the events for the PokerSchool Skill League?
A. For Open League -  Log into software, select tourney, then select private. Sort events by name, then scroll down to find events beginning with PSO Skill League.
Q. How many PokerSchool Skill League events must I play to be part of the League ?
A. You must play at least five events each month to have a qualified ranking score. Here are the schedule of events
Q. What are VPPs ?
A. VPPs are points that awarded by PokerStars for real money play in the poker room. Please read full description of VPPs  See the next Q and A to find out the requirements of how many VPPs you need to earn to win the higher cash prizes in the PSO Skill League. 
Q. When do my results in the PokerSchool Skill League show up ?
A. Your results for each event will show up within 30 minutes of each event completing. 
Q. When do PokerSchool Skill League prizes get paid ?
A. We make the payout for each League within 7 days of the League ending. In order for a PSO member to receive a league cash prize into their PokerStars account their account must be in good standing based on the Current Terms of Service of PokerStars


Q. Where do i find the courses at PSO ?
A. There are several courses available at PSO. You can find them by clicking on this link PSO courses or on the top navigation menu on the PSO website.
Q. Is there any other educational information ?
A.  PSO has a very comprehensive library of educational information. Click on Library in the top menu bar of the website and use the advanced search to sort by level, subject, author and category.
Q. How do i find the core course quiz ?
A. You need to register at PSO and log in before you can take the core course quiz. You must pass this quiz to get your PSO member ticket which enables you to play in any PSO events.
Q. Do I get any prizes for passing other quizzes apart from the core quiz?
A. At this time we only award a prize for passing the core course quiz 

Most asked support questions

Q. Lost or want to change my password for PSO , what do I do ?
A. Follow these instruction to change or retrieve your lost password
Q. I want to change my email address, how do I do this?
A. Open the PokerStars software, click on account, then choose change account and change your email address.
Q. How do I merge my old PSO account with my new one ?
A. First log into PokerStars School. Select your profile, under the welcome message on the right hand side of the page.  You will see a tab for merge account and follow instructions. If you have any issues you can contact
Q. What are sponsorship points ?
A.Sponsorship points were awards that were earned by PSO members in the past. They are no longer being awarded, however if you were an old PSO member and have a sponsorship point balance please email
Q. How do I convert my sponsorship points ?
A. You have to merge your new PSO with your old account and at that time you will received a bonus in your PokerStars account.  To merge your account first log into PokerStars School. Select your profile, under the welcome message on the right hand side of the page.  You will see a tab for merge account and follow instructions. If you have any issues you can contact
Q. How do i contact support ?
A. If you have any issues with your PokerStars School membership please 
contact our 24/7 support via email :-  If you have any PokerStar related questions please contact their 24/7 support department via email :


We will be updating the technical questions soon.  For any immediate issues please contact

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