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Poker Videos September 1st
Here is an overview of all the new poker videos we have published for you this week including a special session from Tyler Frost on Fullring ZOOM strategy.


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Session Videos                                                                                                                                  
Tyler 'frosty012' Frost - Fullring ZOOM Part 2   x  
Training Videos                                                                                                                                  
PSO 'Series of Poker' Limit PLO8 Part 1 with Dave 'TheLangolier'  x  
PSO 'Series of Poker' Limit PLO8 Part 2 with Dave 'TheLangolier'  x  
Sit n' Go Gold Part 1 with Andy 'ahar010'  x    
Sit n' Go Gold Part 2 with Andy 'ahar010'  x    
Autopilot Disasters Part 1 with Chris 'ChewMe1'  x    
Autopilot Disasters Part 2 with Chris 'ChewMe1'  x    
No Limit Shoot Out Part 1 with Dave 'TheLangolier'  x    
No Limit Shoot Out Part 2 with Dave 'TheLangolier'  x    
Coaching 'geoVARTA' Part 1 with Felix 'xflixx'    x  
Coaching 'geoVARTA' Part 2 with Felix 'xflixx'   x  
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