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PokerStars School offers you some poker tools that will help you to improve your game.


Whether pre–flop or post-flop, on the turn or on the river – the odds calculator is one of the few online poker tools that is of enormous importance when it comes to assessing your hand. If we aren't sure, for example, whether a card combination would be profitable purely from a mathematical point of view, this tool can be very useful. The odds calculator helps you to determine the probability of winning a single hand or series of hands and is therefore a great help to both beginners and advanced players.
The odds calculator can be used in many different areas: The table view into which everything is compiled at the end, the selection of one or more starting hands for up to ten players, the selection of three, four or five community cards and of course the opportunity to adjust dead cards. After fulfilling all of the conditions, the odds calculator will check a very large number of hands in a very short space of time and show the probability of winning, losing or splitting.
Hand-ReplayerThe hand replayer allows us to play hands interactively. These are then shown in a window, just like at a real PokerStars table. Here we have various hand editing options. We can show the cards right from the start, pause or end playback at a certain time and add comments or even statistics about opponents. This means that we can replay single hands as well as a whole series of hands (e.g. a full tournament).
The hand replayer is mainly used by bloggers and members who post hands for analysis in the Forum. It is fully available to all registered members of the school as is the calculator.

Enjoy these useful tools and if you've any questions about them please feel free to ask in the Forum.

PokerStars School Team.