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Poker Hand Ranking Game

In this game we take on the challenge of knowing our Poker Hand Rankings off by heart. This is a necessity for all poker players who wish to succeed at the tables. It's vital that we know intuitively and at a glance what beats what at showdown. We also need to assess the strenght of our poker hand as the Flop, Turn and River cards are dealt by the dealer. The rarer our poker hand is the more valuable it is and a Royal Flush for example is pretty rare. Likewise, hands such as High-cards and One-pairs are pretty common and therefore do not win very often if the hand goes to showdown.

Try out this fun interactive game for yourself. If you reach 100% and have not yet made a first-time deposit on PokerStars then you might qualify for a Bonus Offer. Have a go and find out. Tell us what you think of this game by leaving a comment below!