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Over 'Joyed' at Winning Stars Reward Freeroll
Nothing makes us happier at PokerStars School than to see a post in our poker forum from a member that has had a personal winning moment in poker. It's even nicer when we recognise that member as a long-standing member of our poker community and that we know they have spent a lot of time improving and perfecting their poker game. One such member is Joy 'Joy7108' Trenaman who recently posted that she had just won the Weekly Stars Rewards 5K Freeroll on PokerStars. Joy has been a member of PokerStars School for the last eight years having first joined as far back as July of 2010. This is her story...

I'm originally from Winnipeg, MB, Canada and I'm retired now having worked as a book-keeping machine operator and then as a manager for a diesel distributor looking after their computer systems. I first got interested in poker from watching it on TV and Daniel Negreanu was my favourite player. I had always loved all kinds of card games so I decided to give online poker a go. At first, I only played for play money games while I was starting off. I didn't know about reloading, so I very carefully ran my original stake of $1,000 up to $288,000 play money chips. It was then that I took the plunge and decided to try playing for real money, but made an agreement with my husband that I would not deposit. So I started playing every freeroll I could find on PokerStars. After building up to $1.02c I then received another $5 from PokerStars through a promotion. I followed very strict poker bankroll management and played a lot of 2 cents and 10 cent games to build my bankroll, as well as the Astronomer freerolls.

Over-joyed At Success in the Weekly Rewards Stars Freeroll $5,000!

Once I realised that PokerStars School (then PokerSchoolOnline) was free to join I registered immediately and have been a member ever since. I do spend a lot of time studying the game. I have branched out into mixed games, mostly through following 'Talonchick' on Twitch which I really enjoy. I regularly attend the live poker training sessions here at the school and I've read tons of articles about poker and the psychology of the game. I also especially enjoyed the detailed poker hand analysis when that was on Twitch. I finally worked up my nerve and submitted a tournament to Dave 'TheLangolier' for analysis, watched it, and replayed it many times. It was invaluable and wished I had done it a long time ago.

Winning the Weekly Stars Rewards 5K Freeroll on PokerStars has really meant a lot because of the huge entry, at one point I was just trying to ladder up to a $10 payout with only about 10 big blinds. The largest tournament I had won prior was the Big $.55, and I think my largest online cash would have been for winning the old $5.50 Women's League. My largest cash came in a small local tournament, where I won $900.00. My poker goals are quite modest, I want to continue to improve and keep on moving up. My best advice to new players would be to spend as much time studying and reviewing your play as you do actually playing, and not to blame the software as an excuse for losing. It takes a lot of hard work to be a winner...

We couldn't agree more with 'joy7108' and we want to congratulate her on her win. As a thank you for sharing her story with us PokerStars School will credit her account with T$20 and we wish her the very best of luck at the tables with hopefully many more winning moments to come.

Members of the community at PokerStars School congratulate 'joy7108' on her success.

It was great also to see all the other members congratulating Joy in the poker forum. Why not do the same by offering your words of congratulations either in the poker forum or by leaving a comment below.

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