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Our Latest Jackpot Winner is 'multisurf'
Once again the Progressive Jackpot game has struck gold for one lucky PokerStars School member. 'multisurf' became our latest big winner matching the three Jackpot symbols to earn him a whopping $9,010.43 boost to his poker bankroll. We caught up with him for a quick interview.
PSO - You won the biggest Jackpot in Poker School History! Please tell a little bit about yourself and your hobbies outside of poker.
multisurf - OK, besides Poker I enjoy water surfing, that is why my nickname is 'multisurf'. I like to slide on the waves. I work in hedge fund. Unfortunately, I don't have much time for hobbies, because I have a 4 year old kid and most of my free time I dedicate to my child. 
PSO - How did you find out about about the Scratch and Match promotion? How often do you play it and have you been playing it long before your big win?
multisurf - In the beginning I was playing only at poker school, about which I have found out from one of my friends. And there in the promotions section I have found out about "Progressive Jackpot". It was couple of years ago. Since then from time to time I was playing for fun in this game. Rather like a hobby, for fun. 
PSO - What did you feel when you saw the 3 x Jackpot symbols? Who was the first person you told about your win?
multisurf - When I saw three jackpot symbols I was really surprised and overwhelmed with joy as this is a life-changing some of money for me and my family. Like many people I had doubts that 'normal' people could not be so lucky, but everything is real. You have to believe that one day luck will knock on your door. 
PSO - What can you tell about yourself: are you lucky? Did you win in lottery before for example?
multisurf - I have philosophical attitude to the understanding of luck. Every person is lucky in his/her own way. Sometimes there can be unlucky period (times). Of course I was also lucky in someway in the past.
PSO - Can you tell us a little about how you plan to spend your winnings? Will this money be a starting point of a new poker career?
multisurf - First of all I plan that this money will become a good bankroll for playing. Part of the money I would like to give to my mom who needs it more than I do. 
PSO - How did you know about Poker School? What is the most interesting and useful thing in School? And how we could make it even better?
multisurf - I found out about poker school from one of my friends who already has had success in playing poker tournaments. Here I have studied courses, read educational articles and thanks to school got acquainted with other types of poker (besides Texas Hold'em). For the recent time I mostly read news and blogs. Because I am amateur player (hobby player/playing poker is my hobby), it is hard for me to tell what site is missing.
Every time someone wins the Jackpot we also run a Freebuy Tournament for the same amount. We will be giving away 10,000 tickets to this tournament via Scratch and Match throughout the rest of July.
Tournament Details:
Prize Pool: $9010.43
Date: August 5th 2017 at 13:05 ET
How the Jackpot is paid out:
25% is awarded to the winner.
25% is added to the Freebuy Jackpot Tournament.
50% remains towards the next Jackpot.
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