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The Odds Calculator is able to simulate every situation of the game and helps to determine the chance of winning a specific or complete range of hands. The calculator contains different areas: the selection of the cards or of several card combinations for up to ten players, the choice of three, four or five community cards as well as the possibility to select dead cards. Finally all results are shown in the table overview.

How to use the Odds Calculator

Click here to open the Odds Calculator

Step 1:  Click on any of the avatars (no cards selected).

Step 2: Choose the hole cards for this player then click ok.
Repeat this process depending how many players you want to be in the hand.

Step 3: If you want to know the odds before the flop is shown go to #5 below.

Step 4: Click on the board cards and select 3 or 4 board cards (display flop only or the turn).

Step 5: Click the evaluate button and the odds of each hand winning (or ending in a tie) at showdown will appear.

Step 6: Click on the result button to see more information.

Step 7: To share the hand and the odds, click on the share button. This will give you the embed code to be able to post your hand replayer into a web page.

Click here for the Odds Calculator

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