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It's no secret in the poker world that Spin & Go's have become increasingly popular. Players from all around the globe contest these fast-paced 3-handed hypers for a chance to win big. At the time of writing this article, it's possible to win 3 Million Dollars for a mere $40 bucks, and if that's too steep a buy-in then there's also a chance to win over 2 Million for just a $5 buy-in.

This grabbed the attention of a lot of players, and one such player is PokerStars School member Gerald 'gtwi' Twigge. Many of the regulars in the poker forum will instantly recognise Gerald from his posts, as he's been a regular contributor since 2013. We were only too delighted then when we saw the following Twitter post from Gerald about his back to back Spin & Go wins. We caught up with him to find out more.

Winning back to back Spins was a great boost to the poker bankroll.

PokerStars School: How did you first get into poker?
Playing card games was something my family always did and I believe that I was around 10 when I learned how to play 21 and then later Stud Poker. Of course, these were just for fun. Hold 'em came to me much later in my life  and I was in my 30's when I first started to play online poker.

PokerStars School: How many hours a week would you play poker? And how much time do you spend reviewing and studying the game?
I try to play some poker every day, however, it does depend on my work schedule and personal chores that I have to do. I would have to say somewhere between 3 to 5 hours a week unless I'm doing well in a tournament in which I could double the amount of time.

As to how much time I spend reviewing my hands/game, well to be honest, not nearly enough. I do go over some hands that I play and it helps me to know my game better and by reviewing hands I realised that some of the hands that I had thought I played really well, I didn't, and I was just lucky to have won while other hands that I thought I had played poorly, I actually played well.

Studying is very important and I very often watch videos and read articles as often as I can. I do not have any set amount of time for this. I have read a couple of books about understanding strategy for the game.

PokerStars School: Why do I think poker is so popular?
Poker is a game that anyone can play. The basics are easy to learn and you can advance your level through study and application of knowledge learned. It is one of the few games that is not gender restricted (male only).

PokerStars School: What was your best result so far, What's your biggest win?
My best result was winning an 8-game tourney. 8-game is not my strongest format but I do like the challenge that it brings. I was surprised to not only get to the final table but to end up winning the game. I earned $82 for that. However, the biggest win was about 2 years ago where I finished 7th in a PokerStars 'Back an Online Pro' promo, for this I won 200 Euros.

PokerStars School: Do you follow a strategy when you play poker? Sort of like a checklist while you play?
I don't really have a checklist when I play I feel such a thing can limit me and my game. As for a strategy, well yes, to some degree. As I play I look for weaknesses and tell-tale signs of how they play and adjust my game accordingly.

PokerStars School: You play a lot of Spin & Go's, why do you particularly enjoy this format?
I generally do well in  Single Table Tournaments as well as short-stack tournaments and when the Spin & Go's were introduced, it just fitted into my style. The 3-Max format gives you a chance to play against other players that have different ideas on how to play this game. I have played against super aggressive players to those that sit back and wait for 1 player to be knocked out and then start to play. You basically get all styles of playing here and that makes it fun and exciting.

PokerStars School: Tell us about your back to back wins.
I played the $5 Spin & Go first and I generally only get a 2x for it ($10) so this game I didn't really look at the prize amount. In this game, I was not doing too well and was down about 100 chips when I realized just how much I could win. I told myself that I got to start playing better and then changed how I was playing. I became more aggressive in my betting and raising as well as taking a chance or two on bluffing. I think this took the other 2 players by surprise and with good hands coming my way, it was not long before the 1st player was gone. Soon we were heads-up. I love playing heads-up. I did not take long to win the game. After a moment to relish in my win, I decided to play a $1 spin and couldn't believe that I had a chance to win $25. I played the same style and the 1st player went down very easily. The 2nd player was more difficult and for a short time we were going back and forth is winning hands. I don't know if you grew impatient but he started to play more recklessly and I was able to take him down.

PokerStars School: Have you watched the videos in the Spin & Go course at the school? Was the advice useful?
I hate to say this but no I have not, however, I have watched when xflixx played Spin & Go's and that was very helpful for me.
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PokerStars School: Do you have a bankroll management plan for Spin & Go's, what would you recommend?
This is such a good question. With Spin & Go's you have to be more Bankroll weary than in any other games I believe. You can go through a bankroll when playing this game without much effort. I'm reminded of a Russian streamer when the Spin & Go's were new and he playing the $100 games. He blew something like a $10,000 bankroll in one stream. I feel that a "15 - 20 Buy-ins" bankroll formula is best when it comes to Spin & Go's.
Congratulate Gerald on his wins!
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