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Shooting Stats - Prizes Every Month
Do you play in the PokerStars School Open Skill League? Have you tried out your new 'My Stats' feature yet to check your progress and improve your game? Would you like to compete 'School Pass' tickets every month? Well, with PokerStars School now you can with the introduction of our new 'My Stats Leaderboard' promotion.

The 'My Stats Leaderboard' will offer you the chance to win while playing in the Open Skill League, with its already mouth-watering prizepool of $11,800 each and every month. If you're good enough, you could also qualify for the following month's Premier Skill League where the prize pool tops $30,000 every month! Best of all it costs you nothing to get involved as every Open League game is a freeroll so you've no excuse not to get stuck-in. All that's needed is your time and a desire to win.

The recent introduction of the 'My Stats' feature to PokerStars School enables players to analyze their game and see how they match-up against other players in the leagues. By keeping track of your Achievements, Stats, and Styles you can break down your game and see where you are going right, or wrong, while playing in the leagues.

How To Win!

On a monthly basis we are introducing two new leaderboards for stats while playing in the Open Skill League which are based on:

  1. Trickiness
  2. Shooter Factor

At the end of each month the top 100 players on each leaderboard will be paid out with the following prizes for each leaderboard.

1st - 100th Place - 5 x 'School Pass' tickets each.

The minimum requirement for both leaderboards is that you play at least 150 hands and 5 Open League tournaments in the month. These leaderboards only apply to the Open League. Results from the Premier League and Qualifier League are not included.

Initiate your ongoing participation in this promotion by enabling the option on your profile page.  Choose to participate by the 20th day of the month in order to be eligible for current and future monthly prize pools.  You may disable participation in this promotion at any time. 
In order to make the new leaderboards a true reflection of a successful game, the formulas for Trickiness and Shooter Factor have been amended, now taking into account profitability and sample size. Detailed explanations of the formula are given below. 

Stats Explained:

Trickiness:  Trickiness is a complex measure of how often a player uses deceptive plays in their game and to what advantage. The moves that are measured are limp raises pre-flop (just calling the opening bet and then re-raising when an initial raise is made), and check raises post-flop (checking the initial bet on the flop, turn or river and then raising when an initial bet is made). Different weights are given to the plays, with the most value being given to check-raises made on the turn and river, and limp raises made pre flop. The Trickiness stat measures not only how often a player makes check-raises in comparison to check-calls and check-folds, but also how often the plays succeed. 

For example, a player who check-raises unsuccessfully too often will find their Trickiness factor lower than a player who check-raises less frequently but wins more often. The winners of the Trickiness leaderboard will likely be players who don't find themselves ceding control in a hand too often, but when they do they look to take it back quite soon with aggressive play.

Click below to see the exact formula used to figure out the new Trickiness Style

    Trickiness = M*0.01*((10*(A/(A+B+C+1)))+(5*(D/(D+E+F+1)))+(10*(G/(G+H+I+1)))+(10*(J/(J+K+L+1))))*2+(((10*(A/(A+B+C+1)))+(5*(D/(D+E+F+1)))+(10*(G/(G+H+I+1)))+(10*(J/(J+K+L+1))))*2
    A = Limp Raise
    B = Limp Call
    C = Limp Fold
    D = Check Raise on Flop
    E = Check Call on Flop
    F = Check Fold on Flop
    G = Check Raise on Turn
    H = Check Call on Turn
    I = Check Fold on Turn
    J = Check Raise on River
    K = Check Call on River
    L = Check Fold on River
    M =Percentage of Hands Won at Showdown
    N = Total Hands

Shooter:  Shooter Factor is a measure of just how often a player makes a bet during the post-flop betting rounds. Players with high Shooter Factors bet often when the action is checked to them post-flop. However, if a player is playing too many hands and thus not winning a high enough percentage of the time at showdown, their score will suffer. The winners of the Shooter leaderboard will likely be players who have a tight but aggressive image at the table who take advantage of passive opponents.

Click below to see the exact formula used to figure out the new Shooter Style

    Shooter = (M*0.01*(((P+Q+R)/(S+T+U))*100)/5) + (((P+Q+R)/(S+T+U)*100)/5)*(1-(150/N))
    M = Percentage of Hands Won at Showdown
    N = Total Hands
    P = Bet on Flop
    Q = Bet on Turn
    R = Bet on River
    S = Saw Flop
    T = Saw Turn
    U = Saw River

Good luck at the tables!

Team PokerStars School

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