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MicroMillions Ambassador Challenge

Each PokerStars Ambassador has been given a $100 Bankroll to select a schedule of tournaments they would like to play.

This is a great opportunity for us to follow their progress and see exactly how many great MicroMillions tournaments are available on a $100 budget. You can follow their progress over on Twitch. Plus the streamer with the best ROI during this challenge will win a prize for their community, so make sure you watch the action for a chance to win some prizes.

Who's in the Challenge?

  • Stars ID: OP-Poker James - Twitch Stream: OP_Poker
  • Stars ID: Pye_Face21 - Twitch Stream: pyefacepoker
  • Stars ID: Prince Pablo - Twitch Stream: ArlieShaban
  • Stars ID: GJReggie - Twitch Stream: GJReggie
  • Stars ID: xflixx - Twitch Stream: xflixx
  • Stars ID: MajinBoob - Twitch Stream: Pleb Method

OP-Poker James

If you want to start taking poker as a serious hobby planning a budget is essential if you want to get anywhere with poker.

Whether you are playing the WSOP events and hunting for a bracelet or playing the MicroMillions and looking for a title win, planning the events you want to play in advance is crucial to maximizing your effectiveness at the table.

There are a few ways to go about this and I will list them now. You can either:
  1. Play events according to your best playing hours in the attempt on keeping a schedule, staying in top shape throughout the series.
  2. Play only the events you are specialized in. Normally this means obscure poker variants that you know more about than the average player pool.
  3. Play the events that you think will have the softest fields. By softest I mean the tournaments that have the most recreational and new players. These will often be on the busiest days at the peak times.
If I was to plan my series I look out for the games I am most comfortable in. For me these would be the new formats 6+, Fusion and Showtime. This is because I have played and studied these games more than the average player and believe that's where my biggest chance of success would be.


When it comes to a series like the MicroMillions, I believe that it is a great opportunity for players to dip their toes into the Mixed Games waters. With such big guarantees at small buy-ins, there is real potential to hit a big score.

If you are a player on a budget of $100 for the series, I would highly recommend playing most, if not all the Mixed Game events. The reason being is that most players you will encounter at the table during the series will be inexperienced in most of the games. If you understand the rules and have a general concept of some basic strategy, you will be surprised at how frequently you will build up a stack, make the money and have a good chance of winning the whole tournament.

If you are thinking of playing some Mixed Game events during the series and are unfamiliar with the rules, be sure check out some of the material at the PokerStars School. These Mixed Game events can be a nice break from NLHE which will keep things fresh and exciting and can help your overall game.

Be sure to check my schedule out and what events I would play on a $100 budget. I will be playing and streaming the second half of the series since I will be away for the first week due to it being my Graduation Week.


Prince Pablo

I am going to be playing the vast majority of NLH games because these are the games I have studied the most, and where I will find my biggest edge. Also, I think it's very important to keep a schedule in mind, since I usually stream in the evening/night I decided to stick to this schedule and choose games that would allow me to do this. I think keeping my usual schedule and not adjusting my sleep or stream times will benefit me by keeping me well rested and focused.



When looking at the schedule I've got to take into consideration that I also have work commitments outside of Poker. So, first thing I did was ruled out any events I'm not going to be able to play because of that, and making sure I reg no later than 9pm and only on regging those tournaments on days I don't have work the next day.

After that I had a look and I think the Main Event and the Storm are must plays, especially for the stream, there's going to be a lot of excitement for these Events particularly the Storm being a KO too I think it'll be a lot of fun.

I wanted to make sure I got my mixed game fix. I may not be the best but I like playing the 8 Game and HORSE so I've added 2 of each event to the schedule. 1 regular and 1 PKO of each.

The rest of the NLHE tournaments I picked just made sure there was a mix of KOs and Regular tourneys. I ruled out most of the Hyper turbos as I'm not very good at that format. I'm also not playing any Total KOs, Zoom or shootout tournaments as it's not my best game and I want to give myself the best opportunity to do well, as well as have enjoying the series.


I picked only PKOs for German times (working times for working people) starting afternoon hours.

I focus on PKOs because I am starting to centre my stream around PKOs mainly, writing and publishing a guide about PKOs very soon and love the chance to have people get fun plus the money is worth back through KO action.

I am using buyins as small as possible since my community is mostly playing up to 3-5$ tourneys. I even skipped some $5.50 ones for the sake of the $100 budget. Main and Storms are a must since they are prestige and everyone is excited about them on a Sunday.  



The process for selecting my schedule for this MicroMillions was relatively simple. I selected the time period that I thought suited my life in terms of balance - this ended up being between 9am and 11am New Zealand time (GMT+12) Thankfully a lot of great hold'em games (my specialty) fell into this time slot. I identified the main event and the Sunday Storm special event as being events that simply provided too much value to miss, so I adjusted my schedule back a few hours for those days.

I will add that I also intentionally missed a few days here and there as to not burn out. Doing this means you can play better on the days that you do play. Think of it this way, it is better to project for one day off here and there, instead of burning out and and missing 2/3+ days in a row, because let's face it, if you are a micro player there are tournaments in this series you won't want to miss.

Because I am a turbo and sit and go specialist, I prioritized turbo MTTs and shootouts over the rest. I love to play all formats of poker, but when we are on a budget, and looking to maximize ROI - I think it is best to select games that cater to our strengths, even if it means sacrificing having a bit of fun.

MicroMillions in my opinion is the best value for money tournament series on the internet right now - period. You get the chance to bink some pretty serious cash for very minimal investments, and across an extremely diverse range of games. Of course, most online poker players play micros stakes, so naturally this is a pretty major event for online poker in general. Choose your spots wisely, get lucky, and enjoy turning tiny bankrolls into serious chunks. Good luck, and see you on the felt.  

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