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MTT Strategy: The Middle Stage

The middle stage is characterised by the decreasing relation of the stack size to the blinds and the ante. In contrast to the early stage, the game in the middle phase has much less in common with the classic cash game. The average stack is often only around 30 BBs. Decisive here is playing the right game for the various stack sizes. In this context, the strategies and reflections laid out in the article, "The M-system", are very helpful.

Why steal the blinds?

As the size of the blinds increases, stealing them automatically becomes more interesting. This is particularly the case with the large ante at PokerStars, which is approx. 1/10 of the big blind. This substantially increases the number of chips we need per orbit (round).

  • Example 1

Blinds: 100/200, no ante
Every player has to pay 300 chips in blinds per orbit.

  • Example 2

Nine players, blinds: 100/200, ante: 25
Every player has to pay 525 chips in blinds and ante per orbit.

This is at the same time the number of chips already in the pot before the action has even started. By comparison with the previous example without an ante, this is an increase of around 70%! Stealing the blinds is thus much more lucrative. However, the increased bring-in is also a disadvantage because it means...

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