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Live Trainer Runs Good For $97,227 in PokerStars TCOOP

Many members of PokerSchoolOnline learn from the teachings of trainer Gareth "GarethC23" Chantler, whether it's on the Hand Analysis forums or at his well attended Live Training sessions.

We all know he can talk the talk, but last night he proved once again that he can walk the walk. After his recent final table in the Sunday Storm, he kicked off this year's PokerStars TCOOP with an amazing 2nd place finish in Event #3, $215 Turbo KO for $97K!

The Turbo tournaments go pretty fast but the PSO members were quick to pick up on Gareth's quickly developing deep run as he was down to the final two tables and soon enough down to the final table where he was guaranteed $6K. While this would have been a decent return, all eyes were set on the six-figure first prize. However with the blinds so high and the stacks so shallow, lots of run good was needed.

Watching Gareth's play was a superb demonstration of how to play a Final Table: full aggression, taking all opportunities to steal. When he was short, he picked playable hands to shove with and got some rungood to double up a couple of times in key spots.

Even when there were talks of a deal, Gareth was willing to risk his stack to seek profitable ways to accumulate more chips to reduce the field and increase his share of the deal.

The forums and social media went wild when a deal was finally agreed after nearly 5 hours of play which saw Gareth take a guaranteed $97,227.35. Sadly he couldn't win to get the final $15K, but he still scored an amazing return! Here's what Gareth had to say after the tournament -

'Since I started working at PokerStars School I have encountered such great enthusiasm for poker. PSO members are more enthusiastic about poker than even I am and I do this for a living. That enthusiasm has really infected me and kept me positive. Also I have kept working on my game the entire time, partially because I see PSO members working on theirs, in Live Training and in the Hand Analysis forums. Thanks to all the PSO members for all the railing, encouragement, and support'

This deep run demonstrated what an awesome community we have at PokerStars School. Our trainers are some of the best in the business. Our members, both new and experienced were all rooting for him which made for a great buzz.

If you haven't done so already, utilise the Hand Analysis forums, look at the video archives and attend the live training sessions and maybe one day, you can cash for a five-figure score, or even more!

Would you like to congratulate Gareth on Facebook or Twitter? PokerStars School will award a seat into the next Big Bang $5000 for the best comments. Don't forget to leave your PokerStars [Username] in your comment.


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