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Lex Veldhuis WCOOP Highlights
Lex Veldhuis has been tearing up the tables during this years' WCOOP and those of us that are lucky enough to know about Twitch got to see most of the action during his live streams. Did you know that Lex has more Twitch followers than most of the professional football teams in his native Holland? Or that he had more viewers to a single stream that could fill the O2 Arena in London? You can read more about that here.

If you missed out on the streams then we've gathered some highlight clips for you to enjoy below. Don't forget to subscribe to his channel and enjoy the clips.

That felt really good! AK vs QQ

Lex receives a message from one of his subscribers saying that they can relate to what it feels like when you go through a rough patch with poker. There are times when they even stopped playing, however, watching Lex play on Twitch was an inspiration. While this was going on Lex even managed to double-up to 60 'bigs' in the WCOOP-58-H Main Event.

Aces in the $5k Main Huge Pot

Again in the WCOOP-58-H Main Event, this time we see another huge pot going down. Unfortunately for Lex, this one does not go his way as we see not one, but two players getting their Aces cracked in the same hand. Oh well, just got to pick yourself back up and get on with it.

I'm not scared! This is WCOOP!

In this final clip, we get an insight into how Lex's poker mind works, especially when it comes to choosing the correct bet-size to get players off weaker hands. Lex is not scared, it's WCOOP baby!

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