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Just One More Spin to Win!
When you're in the middle of a losing streak it can be hard to keep up the motivation. This is exactly what happened to Scott 'Rider$Fan100' Ellingson, who was having a bad day at the tables until the promise of a rewards chest on PokerStars made him play just one more Spin & Go that brought his session back in the black. We caught up with him to find out more...

PokerStars School (PSS): Where are you from and what do you do for a living?
Rider$Fan100: I'm a journeyman electrician from Swan River, Manitoba Canada.

PokerStars School (PSS): When did you first get into poker?
Rider$Fan100: My Grandmother taught me how to play 5-Card-Draw when I was ten-years-old but I didn't really get into poker until I first saw the WSOP Main Event on TV when I was in high school. That got me hooked and after that started playing some home games with friends which led to playing $1/$2 cash games in casinos and then onto online poker.

PokerStars School (PSS): Which poker player would you most aspire to play like and why?
Rider$Fan100: I aspire to play like Lex Veldhuis because I have watched him stream a lot on Twitch and I have a similar style so it's quite easy to learn to be a better player by watching what he does in certain situations and apply it to my game.

Watch the video to see Scott's Winning Moment

PokerStars School (PSS): Why do you think poker, especially Spin & Go's, are so popular?
Rider$Fan100: I think poker is so popular because of a variety of factors. There is the element of luck which appeals to beginners and gamblers because anyone can win. The math involved in poker appeals to people who are analytical. Of course, the fact that you can win money playing a game attracts a lot of players. I think Spin & Go's are popular because they allow you to play when you don't have 5-8 hours of time to spare which you would need for most tournaments.

PokerStars School (PSS): Do you play Spin & Go's often? What is your main poker game?
Rider$Fan100: I play Spin & Go's occasionally and more when PokerStars run promotions such as the $5 Million Dollar spins or special spins to win tickets into tournament series. My main game though is No-Limit Hold'em tournaments.

PokerStars School (PSS): Tell us about your winning moment?
Rider$Fan100: My winning moment was during the Million Dollar Spin & Go promotion and I would play between 12 and 35 games a day. I had been winning the first two days I played and then running about break even. On the day of my $125 Spin, I was losing what seemed like every hand I played and only winning the occasional game. I had decided after losing a game that I had 3:1 chip lead heads-up that I was done for the day but I saw that I was one game away from getting a rewards chest so I decided to play one last game to get the chest.

I fired up the game expecting to get a $10 spin. When it landed $125 I was surprised and excited as it was the biggest multiplier that I have ever got in a spin. I didn't even think about the fact that if I won it would turn my losing session into a winning one. I don't remember any specific hands from the game as it was a while ago but I do remember that I got lucky to win a big pot with 3 people still left and after that, I ran well and won the tournament. If I remember correctly that was around the same time as the Sunday Million 10th Anniversary Take 2 which I cashed for around $950 after winning a ticket in a $7.50 2x shootout.

PokerStars School (PSS): When did you first join PokerStars School and what do you most like about it?
Rider$Fan100: I joined the poker school back in 2013 I believe after I had seen there was a leaderboard for the poker school freerolls. What I like most about the school is the ability to win tickets to tournaments while learning and improving your game at the same time. The Beginners Bankroll Challenge is also a great feature of the school.

PokerStars School (PSS): What tips or advice would you recommend to beginners?
Rider$Fan100: The advice I would give a beginner would be to start with learning the game and the basic math before you start playing and then when you begin playing to consume as much poker content as possible. Also to expect to lose at first and put only money that you are willing to lose into poker.
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