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How to Improve your Poker Game with PokerStars School
PokerStars School has many ways to help improve your poker game. Firstly, you need to figure out exactly what learning style suits you best. Some people will have a more dominant learning style that helps them learn faster, while others are happy to learn via a mix of styles.

Different Learning Styles

There are many different learning styles to choose from; below you'll find some of the main categories of learners within our Poker School.

Auditory & Visual Learning

You prefer to learn via video, watch other poker players and learn from their success and mistakes.

Where to Learn:

Twitch - Check out our Twitch channel, replay previous sessions or take part in a live training session.

Videos - We have a huge library of videos available: YouTube - We have a big selection of videos on our YouTube channel.

PokerStars.TV - Watch a selection of live events and training videos, and find links to our archive of poker content.

Verbal Learning

You prefer to learn via written content, you take notes and save time to restudy your notes.

Where to Learn:

  • Poker Articles - Our poker strategy article selection is huge, and growing every week.
  • Poker Courses - We have poker courses ranging from the Basics and MTT's, to Cash, Sit & Go's and Omaha.
  • Beginners Bankroll - Work your way through our missions, earn prizes and improve your poker game.

Social Learning

You prefer to learn in a group with other poker players at the same level or more advanced than you.

Where to Learn:

Forums - Check out our forums to discuss topics with other poker players.
Facebook - Reply to our posts on Facebook with your thoughts and questions.
Twitch - As mentioned before, Twitch is a great tool to learn from our live trainers, ask questions and speak with other members.
What's your favourite way to learn? Comment below.

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