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What is UNFOLD poker?
Unfold is a new poker variant, allowing players to unfold their hands after the preflop action for a chance to win the unfold side pot.

Before the start of each hand, an Unfold pot is built, taking an Unfold ante from each player. All players who folded pre-flop are given the option to unfold their hand after the flop is dealt. To unfold you must pay the same amount as the Unfold pot, which is the total of all the preflop Unfold antes.

For example, if the Unfold pot preflop was $0.30, to unfold your hand after the flop would cost you $0.30.
  • If no other players unfold their hand you'd win the $0.30 Unfold pot uncontested
  • If one more or more players also unfold their hand, the Unfold pot will grow bigger and the turn and river will be dealt. The player(s) with the best hand will win the Unfold pot
Watch this short video showing an Unfold Hand being played out.

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Unfold is an 8-max cash game, starting at stakes from as little as $0.03/$0.06. For more information visit Unfold.

In this example, you can see that two players have unfolded their hands.
Player Djib6 unfolds
Player ForTheWin unfolds


Djib6 wins the $8.55 Unfold pot with a hand that they folded preflop.

Benefits of Unfold

Unfold brings new elements to the game.

First, it gives everyone a second chance. Tired of constantly folding hands only to see they would have won? Well, now you have the chance to win some extra pots.

Secondly, if you keep an eye on what your opponents are unfolding in each position, you can work out what hands they are playing preflop. If you see the button Unfold Js-Ts when the action was folded round to them, you can see that they are playing too tight preflop from the button.

Thirdly, it brings along new strategies to the game. If you're sat at a table of 8 players who unfold every hand, you may choose to tighten up your Unfold range. Whereas if you are sat at the same table, but only one player is unfolding each time, it's probably a good idea to unfold more hands, and get heads-up to try and win the Unfold pot.

So why should we play Unfold?
  • Second chance to win more pots
  • More information on your opponents
  • New strategies
  • A fun new variation on the game we love
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With the new Unfold poker game comes new strategy, so here are two Unfold strategies to help you on your way:

Q) If I stay in the hand and play postflop, do I still get a chance at the Unfold pot?
A) No. To take part in the Unfold side pot you must first fold your hand and then unfold it.

Q) If the hand is over preflop, can I still unfold my hand?
A) No. Hands can only be unfolded once the flop is dealt.

Q) If no players unfold their hand, what happens to the Unfold pot?
A) Unfold antes are returned to players at the end of the hand.

Q) What is the best Unfold strategy?
A) We will be discussing strategies in our next articles, however as a starting point, we would recommend playing a loose Unfold strategy, especially if opponents at your table are not unfolding their hands often.
What do you like about Unfold? Comment below!

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